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  2. I wish to report that I have some rather fantastic news. Our new neighbours have only been in a few weeks (since the start of the lock down) and we're all getting on famously. They're a woman and her three kids, and her new partner. Well, my wife got talking to the lady this evening. Lord knows what she said, but when I got there, it was to hear the bloke ask me (yes, he's one of them, but doesn't appear to be a bad bloke) should he 'roll us all a big one'. I can't quite express irt correctly here, but my response was a little bit like a ' Hoooraah'! I've just realised that that is the worst description of an event that I've ever come out with in my life. It was, in reality, less of a 'Hoooraah' and more of a nod in the direction of a vagrant display of Parkinson's Disease. Please forgive not only the whole content of the aforementioned. but also the 'nod' pun. Distraceful, I know. However, we press on. PS - Forgot the whole gist of what I was going to say - this bloke sent over from his side a LOVE MISSILE F1 11. By which I mean a large joint. By large I mean 'The Camberwell carrot'. Fuck a stoat we've only taken a morsel off the top of it. Oh my giddy aunt, we've only just struck the jackpot!
  3. carlosj

    How do you feel?

    Like whoami suggests, can you contact people by Skype, WhatsApp or messenger video calls? I don't know how you'd feel about the extra social steps, but seeing faces is important to us, and video produces the same effect in our brains. I speak on messenger calls daily with my mum as she's on her own with my dad in a locked down care home, and we have a weekly family video call with a quiz and stuff. Hope things pan out, let me know how you are.
  4. maelzoid


    Tickets are on sale now, at £35 each for the Saturday. I got a couple. I think they could have charged more, as proceeds go to NHS charities, but I can make a separate donation. The Manics on home turf, doing a charity show with hopefully a "I'm glad that shit is behind us!" vibe - this is going to celebratory.
  5. 50s - Kind of Blue - Miles Davis 60s - Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix Experience 70s - The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle - Bruce Springsteen 80s - The Joshua Tree - U2 90s - Grace - Jeff Buckley 00s - Lateralus - Tool* 10s - Hand. Cannot. Erase. - Steven Wilson * the widely available version of this is a picture disc. I don't like picture discs, but this one sounds pretty decent, but I'd much rather have a pressing on top grade black vinyl.
  6. The main thing about lightening restrictions is doing so at times and in ways that the NHS can cope with it. They're still currently overwhelmed and lacking PPE.
  7. all ok with you sf ? how are you managing ? x
  8. V V Brown played 3 days... was she chart-topping?
  9. Who knows....all the restrictions were only put in a few weeks ago.....one could possibly envisage the cancelling of those restrictions just as speedily (if they were feeling very optimistic, that is). Course, when it is safe to do that is anyones guess..... So......yeah. it's a case of expect the worst but hope for the best....
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  11. Sounds great and much deserved
  12. Well , it appears we are now going to see manic street preachers ... for free 🙂 . they are doing a free concert for NHS workers ( and one guest ) lucky for me my wife is taking me as her guest lol
  13. 60s - Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 70s - Fleetwood Mac - Rumours 80s - Prince - Sign O The Times 90s - Depeche Mode - Violator 00s - Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth 10s - Slow Readers Club - Build A Tower
  14. If album covers adhered to social distancing, gave me a little chuckle. Apologies if this post ends up causing havoc on phones.
  15. Walked into central London today and it was completely empty. At one point I had to turn back because it just got all too frightening. The only people there were police.
  16. He’s heard that it “probably” won’t happen this year . Again it’s not official just gossip in the business community in the area
  17. Rage Against the Machine (30) The 1975 (35)Foo Fighters (15) -5Muse (5) -5Foals (45) Biffy Clyro (10) (-5)Queens of the Stone Age (30)The Cure (30) Arcade Fire (50) +5
  18. Lollapalooza Paris has been cancelled, the same weekend as benicassim and shared a few acts
  19. I am so excited to stand on the shoulders of all the giants of Glastonbury quizzery who have come before me. Here’s hoping I I don’t f*** it up! In 2009 one chart-topping act officially played all three days of the festival. Which act and where on each day?
  20. Perhaps my wording was a little out ... in my defence I took it from another online quiz
  21. Rage Against the Machine (30) The 1975 (35) +5 Foo Fighters (20) Muse (10) -5 Foals (45) Biffy Clyro (15) (-5) Queens of the Stone Age (30) The Cure (30) Arcade Fire (45) +5
  22. I wondered whether you were going to allow "Glastonbury Song"
  23. July events are starting to be cancelled. My guess is Latitude will be cancelled in the next few weeks. This thing will still be going on in the summer.
  24. It was scouting for girls I was initially thinking of ... but since googling as I forgot .. I discovered 💦 boys .... and as you came up with 2 answers it’s your turn ... I think @parsonjack has had a go already maybe ?
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