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  2. are the 1975 the best band in the world rn?
  3. Milk Teeth, The Bronx and The Interrupters were the highlights for me. I was abit disappointed with Cancer Bats, not the best I've seen. The bar queues were really pissing me off, it took 30mins one time. How am I meant to get drunk with these wait times!
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48417228
  5. Early yes, but I think they lost it all by not actually doing or saying anything.
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  7. Spindles

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I think that if Corbyn were to honourably fall on his sword tomorrow it would be for the best for the Labour party in that it would (1) resolve the question of having a leader whose true opinion on Brexit can't be stated because it so dramatically differs from the membership and electorate and (2) present an opportunity for the party to present an alternative and clearly stated direction and regain the narrative rather than fall victim to it. The results have been pretty much exactly as I was expecting, although I had hoped for a greater green surge than we have seen both here and across the continent (nice as it is, I was hoping for 1989 level green surge helping to move the agenda). I wonder how the Change UK people are feeling tonight? Their gambit looks to have failed pretty miserably and now some established political names are looking down the barrel of having little chance of retaining their seats in any future election.
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  9. Ryan1984

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Surprised there are no comments on the European results. Is it all too depressing with Toady Nigel et al? Tories and Labour are screwed.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1132282856957805&id=64976431936
  11. Christine was PHENOMENAL. Very theatrical, so spectacular. And it worked under the difficult festival circumstances, which deserves a praise in itself. The best act of the whole weekend for me (and I wasn’t particularly interested in her before). Unlike DarthSaul, I felt every one of the crowd around me didn’t want the show to end. Pity the 10:30 Sunday curfew hence no encore.
  12. Someone on t.v. pointed out the vote for them cost the LD a seat.
  13. The remain vote was split but outnumbered the leave vote. does that mean Wales has changed its mind?
  14. The CHUK effort appears to have been a total waste of time. Did they not have some support on here ? Assume they’ll disappear into the Libs ?
  15. Welcome Mrs D.! i took my youngest when she was 15 (along with her 18 year old big sister).. Be warned, this could become expensive as they are both back for their 9th next month (with boyfriends in tow).! have a great first festival... get there as early as you can, try not to chase around after acts (as hard as that will be..), make the effort to get up by The Glastonbury sign and take in the breathtaking sight/site.... enjoy.!
  16. Added the Arcadia acts to the Glastonbury 2019 playlist, in so far as they play their own material, from Afriquoi to Stickybuds. Track selections based on recent tracklists as far as possible. Following the 2017 lineup page order, they are after Left Field and before Sonic. He's on Left Field, as part of the Radical Round-up on Sunday. The eFestivals' lineup & rumours page is usually the easiest way to see where someone's playing (at least until we get the full schedule), although for some reason he's not on it. Sure, here you go:
  17. It was pretty dope when we got the full lineup on Friday like OP said wasn't it?
  18. Wales is probably the biggie as I'd say Plaid are most likely to hold these gains in a GE.
  19. Tories behind the greens in Yorkshire!
  20. Emily thornberry (a big Jez loyalist) has some out for a second referendum.
  21. Not my thing at all so won’t be watching but no one can deny that they are a worthy headliner to be fair to them.
  22. This would be fantastic. The Slam Dunk line up was amazing this year so a few bands from there would boost the Reading/Leeds line up considerably. The days of them booking the likes of NoFx, Anti-Flag and Bad Religion unfortunately seem long gone but someone like The Interrupters or ,as you say, Turnstile would still fit the current model. Is there much history of them sharing the same bands from Slam Dunk in previous years?
  23. Absolutely incredible. Lib Dem's in 6th on 7% less than a month ago and they've now taken more votes than labour in Islington https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/04/28/european-parliament-voting-intention-brex-28-lab-2
  24. Well, I have seen 15 bands across 3 days at a cost of about £8:60 a pop.... In the case of Little Steven that works out at 57p per band member 😳 highlights for me : Editors, Oh Sees, Katy Hurt, Easy Star All Stars, Slow Readers Club, Las Vegas Little Steven..... absolute standout : The simply marvellous Doves.... (their first festival for 10 years) Well done BT.... What a top festival.!
  25. She was really good, full on production with dancers, moving pieces of set and fireworks. Ruined somewhat by a crowd that insisted on talking the whole way through, some not even bothering to face her, and the sound was pretty low so it was a little hard to hear at times. I guess that's what you expect when people haven't paid to be there
  26. They're waiting until after the secret resale!
  27. Got a week of all the live replays then it'll be countdown to Glasto. Hopefully we'll hear a few people from hear winning tickets on Radio 1/2/6
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