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  2. They would have to play around 3pm Main Stage right? Like Stereophonics and The 1975 in previous years who are also UK headliners everywhere they go. I guess they’re just not willing to accept that, just like Kasabian.
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  4. They will definitely do 1-day passes, it's "coming soon" on the website
  5. I don’t know if it’s been discussed at length and it’s pretty possible. The only issue is, is that the slots he could now play seem to have more other acts in them where there there’s a bit more to back them up in that slot if that makes sense. He’s already subbed the Other Stage, so next step is Pyramid really, all those sub slots are looking like other people. Early on The Pyramid? West Holts headliner potentially?
  6. what if they built another pyramid stage.... next to the pyramid stage..... this website is melting my brain i swear
  7. Cause having room is never a bad thing.
  8. They're in Europe 2 weeks before so I think it'll happen for you!
  9. He is supposed to announce a tour along with an album this year. Cudi has been so quiet on the tour front you never know. I was lucky enough to see he and Kanye at their set for KSG at Flog Gnaw and saw Cudi play both weekends at Coachella last year. He was great. He certainly can pull a one-off so he would be great for Glastonbury pre-album release.
  10. So, you listen to the Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio 2, do you? Is that the same Shipping Forecast that has only ever been broadcast on BBC Radio 4? Just asking, since your the man / woman in the know.
  11. I note that the permanent disabilities and death and as a consequence are hush hushed. Load of bollocks. life changing consequences. Fuckin cash cow.
  12. I'm listening to the shipping forecast on BBC radio 2 cause that's how I roll now but if you have a genuine interest in that tragic event I help. Sorry for the paranoia
  13. Chris was bumped up from Saturday sub because Prodigy were meant to headline.
  14. Should’ve retired after Prime Minister, Top Gear and University Callange. His masterpiece.
  15. I had a soft spot for the old Birmingham Central Library, which was an example of this architecture. I recall as a kid learning something while in that library. It was that if you slid your shoes along the carpet, rather than walked, for some time, then you'd build up enough static to be able to go up to someone else and give them a mild electric shock. That library wasn't wasted on me.
  16. Christine and the queens headlined on Sunday last year. Wonder if someone like Charli xcx or Carly Rae Jepson could do a headline slot on the other.
  17. We all have a bit of a soft spot for it, don't we?
  18. I can help you with details. But am not willing to write in a public forum.
  19. StevieGed

    The 1975 2020

    People - not my thing but can definitely appreciate it Frail State of Mind - bit of a throwaway, easy listen but not something I’m excited to see be on the album or setlist You and Me Together Song - like it, but not sure I’d be made up to see Notes with too many songs like this on The Birthday Party - listened when it first came out on Apple and didn’t take to it at all. Few more listens in the evening driving home from work its grew on me a lot. Definitely my favourite of the singles so far. If You're Too Shy Let Me Know - sounds better and more radio friendly than all of the other singles from what I’ve heard. Catchy and the sax sounds great in the chorus. Can see this doing well. Guys - haven’t heard enough as of yet. So far nothing has grabbed me enough the way somebody else or love it if we made it had for the last two albums - looks like there should be enough on there to look forward to though being 22 tracks in length.
  20. You're right man. Let's all get shittily worried about it. That's obviously the most sensible thing to do. I write this wrapped up in cling film and wearing a modern gas mask. That last bit's nothing to do with the Coronavirus, it's just a Friday night thing. You know the way it is!?
  21. yeh mate, i completely agree - i definitely think they warrant an outright headline set!
  22. Yesterday
  23. Chunky chips and Leaks confirmed Eminem, and both seem very reliable and possibly the same person 😊. One of them did not predict Dua Lipa and said about the age thing for the Female act and were out. So maybe they will be wrong out. Personally, I don’t care that much for both him and Shawn so hopefully they will get this one wrong but going on the rest have been close I think we are set for Shawn and Eminem. I am with someone who said the cash is better spent on other acts, but Eminem and Shawn will pull a big crowd. If they are not doing day tickets will they be doing 2-day tickets? I have a 7-day pass but looking for me pals. Are we expecting an announcement next week before a price increase or after it? Just wanting to see all the acts and the split. Hopefully all the acts will be announced next week.
  24. Nothing But Thieves were MENTAL at The Dome tonight. We got 1 new song, it was very riffy and bluesy - got nice QOTSA vibes off it. I really hope they're 4th down on LG day so there's still room for Wolf Alice/Slaves/someone as well aha
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