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  2. Saw Primal Scream last night. Was a great gig. Everyone dancing, the band were clearly having a whale of a time. Definitely exceeded my expectations
  3. As much as I would Adore T0P I have said before they aren't suited to slamdunk
  4. Haha! I do want it now sure...it just seems unlikely Also, I know there is no pattern, but I just realised that since they've been doing area announcements, this has been the number of days before the gates open that we get a poster drop: 2015: 22 days (2nd June, gates opened 24th) 2016: 22 days (31st May, gates opened 22nd) 2017: 22 days (30th May, gates opened 21st) So on a calculation based on absolutely no kind of pattern, I'd say NOW is less likely than the w/c 3rd June
  5. One for @FuzzyDunlop https://drumcode.se/radio/dcr459-dcr459-drumcode-radio-live-victor-ruiz-live-from-sound-los-angeles
  6. If they drop the whole Park line up today then I will concede that you are right 😉
  7. still plenty of band app winners to be added, and Magners and V&V stages
  8. They're non-transferable, you should only enter if you need two tickets, otherwise it's a bit selfish as one ticket is wasted.
  9. BlueDaze

    The killers setlist

    If you start running when they pause during ‘all these things’, then you could be at JP before they pick up.. (acoustic may be too quiet so don’t go that way)
  10. Hey hmv, cheers for the offer but tickets are non-transferable so you have to go and if you have a ticket already, you're reducing the amount of people that can be helped with the offer, so best not to...
  11. I'm with you on this. Sounds great. Also I don't think the whole Park area is asking for a lot - Wormhole will just be a handful of DJs anyway. Seems a long time ago we had the glory of full Glade and Shangri La drops and it's been slim pickings since.
  12. Oh that’s superb thank you. I was wondering whether they might finish 5 or so mins early and that may give us enough time if we stand right at the back for the encore as you say. Cheers.
  13. I don't reckon we'll get a Park poster. Will just include it on the main drop like JP.
  14. Woffy

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Totally agree. The alternative being (from a veterinary supply company):
  15. I just find it a little bit odd that they announce by area generally for instance Shangri-La has multiple stages and they didn't do each stage on a different day. Admittedly we've never had a general Park area announcement IIRC but then neither has an individual stage within the Park area had its own so it could go either way.
  16. Did you watch deadset?
  17. Honestly I found last year (at all three I went to) that because of the way the site and schedule is set up people largely follow each other around en masse, so having to leave super early to get good spots isn't particularly necessary. Just make your way to the back of the crowd during set A, be quick to get away, and you'll be the first one to set B. I rocked up to all the headliners basically as they were starting last year and could walk into decent positions without any bother at all. (Nick Cave was slightly different but he was also the only day to actually sell out) If it's anything like last year they'll be finished about 15 mins before the advertised curfew, if that gives you any more time. Again, edge your way to the back during the last few songs and you'll get away pretty quick.
  18. I'm firmly in the camp of getting the wristband on the non wiping arm and quite surprised it causes so much consternation! It's not that you expect to get anything on your wrist, but why would you take the risk of having those dangly ends anywhere near the long drops or your business? When you have the choice not to? The amount of dirt that gets on them I'd just rather not have it on my right hand anyway as most likely to use that for everything else. Can never understand how people wear them for months on end! I keep them but they do get a wash. I used to always cut the ends off at the festival but getting the fear about possibly voiding it by doing so these days.
  19. You’re not satisfied with the guaranteed wormhole drop today so you’re now hoping for the Park as well? Don’t make the line up gods cross, we’ve only just started moving again.
  20. Entire Park line up would well and truly make my day, and tide me over until the Full Drop. Edit: exactly what @Sasperellasaid above.
  21. The Park is the dream. Potentially controversial, but if they gave us the whole Park today, I wouldn't even grumble if we got Block9/Arcadia next week, and the full thing on the 3rd. As long as it's good like, and poss to work out times from!
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