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  2. Yeah that was kinda my point. I probably didn’t explain it very well.
  3. Again I apologise for railroading this. There is a presumption the old days were cleaner, increased litter picking just tidies it away.
  4. I remember a time when Phil Jones was hyped as the next great English defender! I think it’s too much of a coincidence that players seem to join Liverpool, city and Spurs and get better, while they join Man U and get worse.Im convinced the right manager/setup could get significantly more from these players.
  5. I would. I have always done shift work for this very reason. Flexibility to do what I want to do.
  6. I used to be a school governor and was on the board dealing with staff issues like pay and holidays (or perks).There is a lot of wiggle room and often space for compromise, you might have to do a fundraiser or summer/winter fair or two. Just be up front about it. I used to take my 5 kids out as well as taking them out for snowdays. I appreciate it's not the same but your application may fall on similar ears.
  7. Less well organised litter picking? It’s like a well-rehearsed military operation these days.
  8. My first thought as well, looks worse then than it is these days.
  9. There's no logic to it at all. It puts people under unnecessary stress. My friend struggled for years to get help, despite being sacked for ill health, and endless doctor's reports. It's a tickbox exercise.
  10. I've certainly made it clear that from my perspective attending Glastonbury is non negotiable. Not really sure how far I'd be prepared to push it if they tried to refuse my leave - I'd certainly pull every string I could and I'm pretty sure it would never come to needing to quit or call in sick if it was just for one long weekend. But then I've always been careful to cover myself for that weekend so even if my immediate colleagues wanted to go to the festival they'd be too late - I already have leave approved for the 2020 festival and also mentioned the 2021 dates on that same E-Mail.
  11. Easter hasn't stopped any progress at the farm .. so why shouldn't it be today lets have some cracking news
  12. He's a regular, watched him in Avalon Cafe in 2017. Loved it. http://andrewmaxwellmorris.com/live/
  13. Having just started working at a school and absolutely loving it I don't see myself quitting my job to go to Glastonbury even though for me Glastonbury is in a league of it's own when it comes to festivals. I knew when taking the job that for as long as I'm in this job I am very unlikely to be able to go to Glastonbury again so this year I am really going to make the most of it. If I was in a job that didn't require being there in late June/early July then I would find it really hard to understand why an organisation wouldn't give the time off. It's not like Glastonbury is over a peak time of the year for time off and because of the need to try for tickets so long before the festival it means there's loads of notice and therefore even less reasons for the leave not to be granted so if that was the case then I would at least look for a new job and want out ASAP.
  14. Not to railroad the thread but I can't help but notice the litter, even back in the day.
  15. Because of my job, I have to be back on the Monday and had to take a day and a half unpaid. Next year, I can't see me getting to the site until Thursday night at the earliest - sad but not worthy of leaving a job I enjoy!
  16. All the stuff stacked to the right of the pyramid - could it be the stage ?
  17. I've seen somewhere that Alter Bridge were already scheduled to headline in 2017 but Copping got Aerosmith and they were pushed down. I'm sure they will headline next time they play, they're already big enough. All the bands who can play O2 are.
  18. kalifire


    Aye, we're about a week away from the fence, after which I'd imagine accessibility is significantly reduced and the build proper can begin.
  19. My boss last festival refused my leave on the basis another supervisor had booked it off to attend his first Glastonbury ....I was livid and made my strong feelings very well known and I think this probably included threats to leave .... the following day he told me it was a wind up ... he knew me well ... this year he's cooking me breakfast in the camper van fields as compensation
  20. Shit. Although result-wise she’d’ve still pissed it!
  21. 3 Daft Monkeys 2 , 2 Daft Monkeys 3. 1 Daft Monkey red carded in second half for serious foul play near the SE corner flag.
  22. ESA assessments really confuse me. I have been put in the support group for a second time even though I was knocked back for PIP which was exactly the same type of assessment. However it looks like this poor chap has fallen through the cracks not just with the DWP but with social and health services. I am not defending the DWP as they are just one part of a big picture although I wonder why his work coach did not flag this for sign posting at the very least. Poor sod
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