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  2. I'm sure they're gonna have a dance act up against Macca which means Calvin or Massive Attack, equally feels right to have a guitar band up against Swifty which means it's Foals or The National (or The Strokes 😁) Still sticking with PSB/Calvin Harris/Foals.
  3. So I'm working through the line up - any electronica kind of vibes beyond WH Lung anywhere? I liked the odd bleep to break stuff up ya know
  4. Well, Keane have not played Werchter since 2007. So they don't really fit into that category. Saw them on Monday at the AB and even though it was a bit long for my taste, I think they have the songs to be a good 60-min-or-so act in the late afternoon. I'm not sure they will headline or even sub the Barn. Anyway, this is turning out pretty well imo.
  5. Maybe Placebo is getting closer and closer to Pukkelpop 2020?
  6. Maybe 1 sub for Thursday. 1 co-head and 1 sub for Friday. 1 co-head for Sunday.
  7. Good spot. Mind you, last year they had three 'Pro' bands on the Sunday - DTSQ , Kirara and Tin Robots. Not sure if that would tempt me more than recovering in bed, then slowly strolling into town for a late lunch...
  8. Lewis Capaldi is nailed as they're pretty much Lewis Capaldi FM nowadays. If it's in Scotland he'll probably headline too and we'll never hear the end of Lewis Capaldi on Radio 1 for as long as it exists.
  9. They are still there, I think. Look here https://www.primaverasound.com/en/primavera-pro/first-participants-showcases
  10. Nope 😀 2015 (stayed only 2 days): 1 (Ellie Goulding) 2016: 5 (Chemical Brothers, Rihanna, Muse, Sia and Hardwell) 2018: 4 (Kendrick, Gorillaz, Dua Lipa and Arctic Monkeys)
  11. LG playing in Glasgow Jul 10th...... I know they are dormant right now but...Arcade Fire? They do have only one gig next month in America and have no new album but..maybe? I originally thought they might do APE in UK this summer too. I don't, just spit balling
  12. IMO the last headliner might be a classic one.
  13. zero000

    Taylor Swift

    "Taylor Swift reveals eating disorder in Netflix documentary" : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51234055 Massive respect to her for being so candid and speaking about this publicly.
  14. So, gun to your head, how many more headliners/subs do you think are still to come?
  15. I know that there is no pattern but when is poster likely? March? Is it not normal for all headliners to be known before the poster or do I just think they are normally confirmed before as I spend too much time on here?! When was the last time we were truly surprised by the top line of the poster?
  16. The irony is completely lost on some of the militant left. They are, in fact, quite bigoted. I have always been left there is no other way to be where I'm from. We learnt the hard way what the right can do. I would say Glasto fed my socialism though.
  17. Blur haven’t been active for a few years now. LG’s not a bad shout in all honesty. He’ll drag a crowd in wherever he plays, and has a huge crossover with Strokes fans so that’d be a cool day. Unfortunately Stereophonics are playing in Madrid tonight so that could rule them out. You never know though, could be part of the reason MC have held back announcing them!
  18. Not drop, they will still be sub. But probably to two co-heads instead of one headliner. Both RW and Volbeat themselves don’t mention them ‘headlining’ in the announcements or on the socials. That, plus the fact that they are announced within a package of 12 names (did that ever happen with a (co-)headliner?) make me suspect they will sub and not headline.
  19. No one is going to go Eastern Europe > Spain> Eastern Europe in 3 days surely
  20. Bisque

    Kendrick Lamar

    Probably watch a bit of it. Which bit? Probably the beginning then wander off.
  21. These are possibilities -Mastodon (play at Mystic Festival on 11th of June) - Billy Talent (on tour in Europe) - Nightwish (free on 18,19 June + They need bigger shots to fill up the line-up) - Running Wild (on tour in Europe) - Meshuggah (on tour in Europe) - Rotting Christ (playing Hellfest) - Baroness (on tour in Europe) - Accept - Heilung - MGLA - Watain - Leprous - Jinjer - Taake - Kampfar
  22. I still think he'd be waaaaaay too big to play the Dance Tent. I could maybe see him doing a special set headlining the R1 billed as Love Regenerator, but even that would be a push I'd say.
  23. Matt42

    The National

    Yeah it’s very quiet on royal blood despite the fact that they are indeed touring this year. Really dunno how the other stage is going to pan out. Seems like there are too many candidates all of a sudden.
  24. A friend told me before that they can't travel to Russia directly from Ukraine so they have to go to another country and travel to Russia from there... Moscow is like 6 hours away from Madrid by plane... I don't want to keep my hopes up anymore tho.
  25. Desire 100% won't be in Auditori, they only have one mini album and they will 95% play right before Chromatics.
  26. All the more reason to suggest Foals aren't there at all. Feels completely pointless having them back without headlining anyway, especially if it's just subbing the Pyramid again - I think that's very unlikely. It does look like it's gonna be 3 of your other 4 though. 1 misses out or is punted to WH imo (PSB or Massive Attack of course, but both feel pretty big for it). Having said that, there are others that could come into contention still. Royal Blood in particular spring to mind. Oh and since we're in the National thread...managed to get tickets for night 1. Pretty exciting not having a clue which songs we're gonna get. Looking forward to this one already.
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