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  2. at this point i'm thinking of either Alter Bridge-System Of A Down-Green Day or Alter Bridge-System Of A Down-Iron Maiden as the headliners SOAD are sucking live since 2013 but they always bring on a huge crowd
  3. Radio 1 Stage - Catfish and The Bottlemen Festival Republic Stage - Gerry Cinnamon BBC Introducing - Pale Waves BBC Introducing - Lewis Capaldi
  4. What we all need is proper driveways and gardens for our campsites, just to make a point. It did really surprise me how organised the paths were on the close up overhead shots they showed to make the point about tents being cleared, it'd be fascinating to trace it all. That picture is pretty great and a high rez one will be awesome if you're allowed it. I bet WV are really happy with their indian blanket tribute and wow the east car parks are small these days.
  5. frostypaw

    Camp Fires

    That's rather lucky/unlucky, particularly as it's unfortunate that I think that's the only such incident I've heard someone talk about directly. I know more people who've been flooded out
  6. Yeah. They're brilliant. I've also done two in a festival before. Only trouble is the "breakfast" bit. They go all McDonalds and take it off the menu at midday. Haven't got there in time for one for at least a couple of festivals now. Got there one year, queued up for what seemed about half an hour, only to have the last portion sold to the person in front of me. They're missing a lot of sales there I reckon. Should be on all day. Don't start me off about health and hygiene at a festival in a field. It's hard enough to get a 5* hygiene rating in a bricks and mortar establishment. Some of the stuff I witnessed this year. Well? (I spent a number of years in industrial catering)... I've often joked that the festival should add to it's title and call itself "The Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts with Food". All it needs is a cooking stage/tent. Let's have Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Fearlessly-Eatsitall) show us how to trap gulls and fry them up with some herbs from the permaculture garden. Subbed by whatever sleb chef The Co-Op are using at the time doing a, "You can get all of the ingredients for this recipe here" routine. Joking aside. Apart from the campervan crowd, does anyone actually still cook for themselves at Glasto? I used to see cooking stoves everywhere but they seem to have gone the way of campfires. .
  7. If you overlay it on Manchester you’ll see it’s pretty much the same size as the entire city centre. Impressive!
  8. Booked mine a week ago. Will work if no ticket. Though fingers crossed for the Water Aid draw tomorrow
  9. Is it just me or are Chris' vocals realy weirdly processed? Like it still sounds good but there is no way I would have guessed it was her if I had listened to them without knowing she was on the track (other than she is the only person I know off the top of my head that sings on french). Can't wait for the album now though, it looks like it is shaping up yo be a bit more N1A than Pop2 (which I like as Pop2 was a bit too abrasive and "anti pop" during choruses at times for me) EDIT : Should also mention that that bridge is fantastic
  10. Absolutely ... it’s just the company policy I have the struggles with ... personally my shopping for this stuff goes directly into a reusable bag this is why this needs to be changed from above ... and why I will be questioning it as an online picker
  11. Think the tickets for WHP are going to be around £45-50 after fee. Really wish printworks would announce their schedule so I can make a decision about going based on that.
  12. Today
  13. Yes. Already do and like looking mad. 😜
  14. I buy spuds with dirt on them, loose.I buy carrots with dirt on them loose. I struggle with salad food to be plastic free, and fucking celery has plastic and dirt on them. Gotta use the market stalls and farmers markets for a better experience, IMO. 😀
  15. Here's a tip with the veg - don't bother with any bags for the big ones. Broccoli, leek - even baking potatoes. You don't need bags for those, just weigh them loose and stick them straight in your big bag. You can use the self service if you're worried about the cashiers looking at you like you're mad.
  16. Completely agree its stupid.. why would a movement wanting to prevent climate change block off arterial routes into city's causing thousands of cars to sit idling... glad we agree. And don't be afraid, I'm sure they can be scared off with a job application form.
  17. Thanks mate. Think you could be right with the layout, can only see them being opposite each other if they are turned around. Gonna be weird after all these years.
  18. Manchester for me. Can't say I jumped for joy at the ticket price... seems to have been a pretty steep jump from seeing him at Leeds Arena earlier this year and a few Academy and Town Hall type gigs last year. I'm sucking it up though as I was never not going
  19. Matt42

    2020 headliners

    Britney is a strange one because I’d absolutely love it. I wouldn’t go to her expecting any sort of vocal masterclass though. I totally would not give a fuck if she mimed the whole thing. Remember the beauty of Glastonbury is that you can see Radiohead and Katy Perry in the same weekend and have a fantastic time. Britney would be the perfect act to have a couple of beers while watching with your mates. It’s why I love pop at glasto because sometimes you need a balance from the serious acts. I don’t see what the problem with the booking would be?
  20. Currently have booked a week in May for Lost Evenings 4 in Berlin 10 days in June for Glastonbury but I might try and turn this in to a fortnight A week in July for Kendal We are a small team and can only have 1 off at a time but... urm... I'm the boss and do the roster! 😂 Besides, none of the others go and know I would just be a moody cow if I was at work and don't have tickets
  21. Yes, they said it in an interview. The wooden Boulevard will be longer now. It will reach the Booth. The Dance Hall and Boiler would be each at one side of the Boulevard. They literally said they will be opposite of each other. Maybe something like this? It seems like the Dance Hall or Boiler will be built next. I'll keep an eye out.
  22. Worse than Joe Kinnear?
  23. Thank you have picked a couple up on twickets so fingers crossed nobody will check on way in cheers
  24. Yeah had that thought today. Would have been easier to move the beer shack, surely?! Someone on the Festileaks forum saying that the Dance Hall is to be opposite the Boiler.
  25. in the very lucky position to manage my own workload so I only need to be in when I've booked something in myself. Other than that time off is fine, I have all the football/gig/festival fixtures in my calendar and work around them. Was very strange to begin with, I used to asked my manager 'Would it be possible to be off on *insert date*?', the answer would be 'I duno can you? What have you got on those dates?'
  26. Castello is already up! @DDave I don't know why they switched it, but the distance between the two stages are small. But again, I really don't see a reason to switch the location of both stages. Maybe to pull the Rock/Indie crowd to the Beer Shack?
  27. Yeah Martin Garrix is by far a better act than Calvin Harris his show porduction is insane blows my mind he hasn't played in scotland since 2014 i think he could do Bellahouston no problem.
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