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  2. it's not quite just those options. Slowing down its transmission after it's out there is important too, so that hospitals are overwhelmed a bit less, plus pushing things towards warmer weather.
  3. I thought the unions still have voting blocks?
  4. not really sure it was that, Bayern look superb. They'll give Liverpool a very hard game if they meet, that I'd put money on Bayern winning.
  5. Lycra

    Ticket touts.

    In this electronic world we now inhabit surely it's not beyond the wit for original ticketing vendors to install refund and resale systems 🤔
  6. Cancelling events now makes sense as you are trying to contain the virus. Once you have lost control and it’s everywhere you then move to the next thing which is protecting the vulnerable.
  7. Creeper already announced for Graspop so they’re out. Fingers crossed for Frank Carter.
  8. The government strategy plan was drawn up 9 years ago and seems to be being tested by reality. Countries are starting to impose movement restrictions and cancelling mass gathering events. Now I wake to The Guardian reporting a call from the Japanese PM for all sport fixtures and cultural gatherings to stop for 2 weeks. The situation is dynamic. Let's hope all countries get a grip on it soon.
  9. There only would be room for her on friday, but that should be too close to the Moscow date.
  10. was just about to post it, still think she can play Werchter on 4/7, that we will be amazing but maybe too much to hope for
  11. I think they are a subheadliner or nothing tbh. And I can't see a gap for them, every day seems to have a sub, unless Mark Ronson is in the A38, or Foster the People? i can only go for certain Sunday to Tuesday, but I'd really love to try and be there for Stormzy and Calvin, is there any harm buying a five day ticket if you can't make it to the first one? It's no more expensive than messing around with day tickets,
  12. Could Björk be an option? 02 July Crocus Music Hall – Moscow, Russia 06 July Hartwall Arena – Helsinki, Finland 09 July Waldbühne Open Air – Berlin, Germany 17 July Siene Musicale – Paris, France 20 July Siene Musicale – Paris, France 26 July Bluedot Festival – Cheshire, UK I guess the Moscow date on the Thursday already rules her out....
  13. Today
  14. Somewhat symbolic that Gaz is getting gender equality shoved both down his throat and up his arse thereby achieving his own sense of internal balance.
  15. This is the internet, hope you like it here.
  16. I did some experiences with the font and I think you'll get Pet Shop Boys, but, obviously, the point could be in an incorrect position...
  17. If that happened then I wouldn't hesitate to buy a ticket.
  18. No I'm not at all, I'm saying stop with the posts making it sound like woman just don't play when it's clear they do and have been represented across the stage. Its not a low point, you've read it wrong. A few years ago, people would go crazy on here at the idea of some of the female pop acts that V Fest booked attending Glastonbury....I've always liked a catchy pop tune so I didn't care but now roles reversed.
  19. Lol, because they are already there without needing raise awareness for it basically. I don't think woman should stop playing obviously and that's not the point, nor have I said it is but we're acting the every stage every year is just men.
  20. Any chance of Frank Carter or Creeper? They’re both on the Mad Cool line up and it shares a lot of the same acts.
  21. The dot between them is pretty telling. I imagine we'll get a few more letters tomorrow that'll make it obvious what combination of Pet Shop Boys/Strokes/Mumfords + Royal Blood/RHCP/Rosalia we get. Purely a guess but I reckon it'll be PSB + RHCP. None of the -S's seem all that convincing to me though, maybe we'll get someone a bit left field. Do Spanish festivals tend to share headliners? Would rule out Strokes and PSB. Part of me is desperately clinging on for the 0.0001% chance of it being Radiohead. Thom and Ed are both doing solo stuff but are both free on the Friday... 👀👀
  22. I have a memory of a weird post a while ago that Macy Gray was gonna play Glastonbury-on-Sea...
  23. Really want amyl and the sniffers and viagra boys play reading
  24. Bearing in mind nobody in the states a Scooby doo who he is, presumably he is paying them to allow him a residency?
  25. Better to have a virus outbreak in the coming weeks rather than at the end of May.
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