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    The Weather Thread 2019

    Hmm- a FB memory popped up yesterday with me commenting on a lovely sunny Easter in 2016 after I did the same yesterday- hopefully not a prediction of similar weather come June as 2016! However I have also bought new pair of wellies so that might mean no mud this year ! Who knows- there is no pattern😂
  3. I would hope the drainage they have put in since prevents ground conditions like those in 2007 is that the year the other stage was a lake ?
  4. Do we know about park headliner for Friday yet? I’m hoping to catch idles, Kate tempest and tame impala and worried about clashes. I’ve heard idles are 6pm park and tame impala other headliner. Kate tempest likely to be on park again? Or possibly JP?
  5. Yes! Sounds perfect. Also much like with The Thingy, I enjoy the fact that there is no pattern: "If you look at last year, a colder than average spring did bring a warmer than average summer, but there is no set pattern to that"
  6. Looks like Black Belt Eagle Scout has also been added. She's amazing! Mother of my Children was one of my favourite discoveries last year.
  7. tarw

    Best Takeaway Apps?

    But without the monorail how would you get to Philipa’d van?
  8. I've had wellies and muck boots but am now converted to walking boots. The wellies I had were really comfy but an absolute ball ache to take off, particularly when covered in mud. Eventually they cracked in several places and were no use anymore. The muck boots were as waterproof as wellies, easy to take off but sweaty as Hell when it got hot, also kept getting sucked off (matron) when walking through thick mud. Walking boots are comfy, stay on through the thick mud and easy to take off. The only down side is if faced with a massive, deep puddle but there's always a way round that. I can only see an issue if faced with 2007 conditions. I also take sandals and I'm sure they will suffice this year.
  9. I've no particular problem with Bernie's politics, tho I reckon plenty of americans do despite the Fox cheering. My view from this side of the pond is that his supporters do a good job of talking up his popularity, and that he won't be particularly successful in attracting the more-centralist voters who tend to swing their votes (quite similar to Corbyn with both of those). To be clear that's not me saying he can't win, cos if Trump's on the other side there's plenty of other factors in place, such as the chance plenty of those more-central voters won't vote at all. I'm not sure he's the candidate who'll get the most votes for the Democrats.
  10. Is it the same as this? The Big Moon do seem to be the only addition from a quick look. I wonder if the boxes have any significance...
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  12. No. Very. But there are buses some of the way. Not particularly strict if you're careful. Yes.
  13. The fact that he is only a democrat when it suits politically would put me off as a voter. I think if your a team players you take the good with the bad.
  14. Will you leave these infusing until glasto? And then just drain?
  15. what does that even mean...? And if 'Democrat' meant just one thing, why so many candidates and what's the need of Bernie?
  16. I'm moving to a new flat so too busy at the mo for any Glastonbury preparation. When back at work on Tuesday though I will begin writing a 'packing' list. I don't take much to the festival now but I do still always make a list of things just as a reminder. Plus, I like making lists.
  17. The next announcement will probably be around the time of their UK tour, wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them in the next announcement. Oh, regarding your fight between Press Club and Brutus, I vote for Brutus.
  18. He will run for president as a democrat & govern as one of elected. Bernie Sanders Signs Democratic Party Loyalty Pledge For 2020 Run https://www.npr.org/2019/03/05/700524861/bernie-sanders-signs-democratic-party-loyalty-pledge-for-2020-run?t=1555830330726
  19. Havnt noticed any increase in that, publicans are quite happy as it affects the off licence business rather than pub prices. The biggest change is in drink driving with the reduction in the legal limit meaning a pint can put you over the limit. Basically if you are driving, even the morning after, you just don’t drink.
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