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  2. Oops yes you’re right! Think I must have been remembering Lycra who I saw in there?? I love pedantry especially when it comes to Green Man so no worries haha
  3. sisco

    Tom Jones

    I’d expect him to be there. Not sure about opening though
  4. okerich

    Tom Jones

    What's peoples thoughts on tom jones opening the festival ??
  5. I'll buy everyone's ticket for them if it is! I'm afraid to say that I think we are still at least a couple of weeks away from an announcement. Hope I'm wrong though.
  6. Second this. Saw them at some hilariously shit local festival last year which they admitted themselves was bizarre for them to be playing at but they won over the crowd instantly. If they subbed WH I'd probably just end up having to miss them so nuts to that.
  7. Kids are more conscious of that though compared to the older generation.
  8. I SAID THATTTTT!! LG/Travis Scott - BMTH/Biffy - MCR calling it now
  9. I know no-one likes a pedant but wasn’t she in the walled garden? Unless she did a secret set in there two, which I wil be fuming to have missed!
  10. before we get to that we're going to have to see individuals limiting their flights for holidays including flying overseas to see bands. Get back to me when you see the kids agreeing to do that and deserting the airports. Good luck if you can even manage to hold a sensible convo with someone about that.
  11. PMSL If that index is the fraud that *Nats* say it i, then surely you can find something saying so that isn't from *Nats*? And the below is only valid criticism is iScotland intends to be a tax-fraud haven like Ireland. Is that your indy dream LJS, or has Ireland been *fairly* excluded after all?
  12. I'd say that's a wonderful lineup once again. If that's accurate, I'm definitely tempted
  13. Swim Deep also Hoping it’s Catfish or Bombay closing the festival - if it was the same formula as last year I’d say Bombay equate to Wolf Alice (the smallest) on the Friday, Catfish to Foals as the big Saturday night headliner and The Kooks to Two Door on the Sunday, but that would just be such a weak finale while TDCC absolutely crushed it this year
  14. A replay is a chance for a lower league team to get a big payday, particularly if they draw at home. I think Karl Robinson is a minority view in the lower league.
  15. Pyramid please. They are a band who will win over the unacquainted masses so playing WH to just their own fans is an opportunity missed.
  16. Today
  17. I keep switching between being excited that they're going to pull out some amazing names like FKA Twigs, Nick Cave, My Bloody Valentine or Sigur Ros headlining out of the blue and worried that they'll announce Doves and Mac Demarco as headliners. If like three or four of the following are announced i'll be more than happy: Bat for Lashes, Jenny Hval, Les Savy Fav, Bikini Kill, Sinead O'Brien, Hatchie, Kelly Lee Owens, Beach Bunny, Dan Deacon, U.S. Girls, Waxahatchee, Virginia Wing, Vanishing Twin, Phoebe Bridgers, Barrie, Stef Chura, Tinariwen, Mdou Moctar, The Murder Capital and John Maus.
  18. Any ideas when they’re announcing? Presumed it would have been yesterday considering The Streets hint
  19. I was wondering the same. We're due a couple at least I would have thought...
  20. Lizzo took a Live Nation festival headline deal. She will likely be a Lollapalooza headliner too that same weekend. Better to cash in now and be elevated since she will likely become an arena act next album.
  21. He played at Field Day the other year and went down really well.
  22. Eric Pyrdz headlining a dance festival in Ireland....
  23. OK I'll believe it when I see it
  24. Sofi broke her ankle jumping around on stage and they had to cancel their tour until it was heeled. I saw them at osheaga last year and it was a massive party. I hope they dont headline a stage so theres less of a clash chance.
  25. Passed it 😁 So gonna be spending a lot of money on this trip haha
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