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  3. The fantastic author Douglas Adams predicted our current situation, Boris Johnson is our president of the galaxy, his role as president/PM of the UK is to attract attention away from the real people in power. In the books Zaphod was an excellent president as he successfully captured all of the media attention with his outlandish stunts and wild personality. In our reality Zaphod/Boris has tried very hard to keep the media focus solely on him but he has failed badly. The media and the people know Boris isn’t the one in charge, they now know he is just a puppet and the master has been exposed. The question is no longer what is the answer to life, the universe and everything. And unfortunately the answer is getting ever closer to 42,000 unnecessary covid deaths.
  4. tevaburger

    BBC Glastonbury

    I always think of 94/95 being the first two years where Glastonbury took off (or at least when its significance was realized to me at least). This is the set from '94 that I wish I was at (or that classic afternoon on the Other/NME stage where 4 or 5 future headliners played the same day). @Wooderson had a good point on Twitter recently where he was wondering if we could get releases of classic sets, sort of similar to that great Orbital album/dvd collection (his example) that took best bits from their 94-2004 sets that sort of made you think you were there...
  5. This genuine reads like Cummings is running the country while just wheeling Boris out to do his routine every few days. Starting to believe that's actually the case.
  6. Yesterday
  7. They don't have the status of Foo Fighters/Muse/RATM and definitely aren't popular with the festival's audience. More likely for BST/APE/Glastonbury I think 1% of people who went to that are probably still regular reading goers i bet and like only 10% of the audience if that would go for another round of the same thing. still would be strange though as a choice.
  8. Leyrulion

    BBC Glastonbury

    Oh I thought they did way more then that. Ok so BBC has almost everything. Were sets recorded pre 1994, would they be available?
  9. Twitter putting warnings on these Trump tweets lol
  10. I'd still go. There are worse places to spend a weekend than an untouristy for the first time in decades Barcelona and a warm time of year! I expect the UK quarantine to be over by then.
  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. But that wasn't the end Dee.. No Oooooo I popped out to say hello what do you think want Done today.. 11m30 am.. Well she now has more wood over there and enough wood for the fire and a clean ish garden. But no pear cider.. And a broken husband lol... If you would are wandering what wife is doing.. Magnic fishing for all the scewws I lost.. Getting ready for the grandchildren you know.. Lolxxx
  12. Haha, straight after I posted I was wondering if someone would come back with that. He really has such an A+ catalog of mixes. I think all of those mentioned recently on here are great examples of a DJ creating a tangible environment with their flow. Northern exposure genuinely feels like a long journey across the Arctic, it's astonishing
  13. Yeah they did in 2011; I’m not saying a full album set, just a secret one with fan favourites (Bliss, New Born, Micro Cuts, Feeling Good, Plug In Baby) from the record and other early stuff - Absolution/Showbiz eras.
  14. Surely summers are for CD 1 Ibiza..? https://soundcloud.com/kona045/sasha-global-underground-013
  15. Not looking great for Johnson & Cummings.
  16. Check the last page 😉
  17. Missed it first time, that's a classic front page, even though the Stevie Wonder Ref. would normally get some grief it's all funny.
  18. My flights for June still haven’t been cancelled. Plus we stupidly (in hindsight) booked flights for August thinking that would go ahead and they’re non refundable. Messy.
  19. Fresh Meat was pretty good. Better than Bad Education which is currently on BBC1 iPlayer in the background. Gonna switch to Newsnight I reckon.
  20. Alexa, show me what a government in free fall looks like.
  21. Yeah, the first email giveth, and the second email taketh away. Refund turned into a 'flight credit'. It's like money in the bank!
  22. On the daily mail poll
  23. Maitlis having a right ding-dong with a Tory on Newsnight who tried the ‘media witch hunt’ line.
  24. It was a bit of a let down, rain & cold that evening, plus we went too hard the previous two days it made an excuse to head to bed early as we were knackered from mud (great decision as the sun came out Sunday). Plus I realised I only know about 5 songs of theirs. They weren’t bad though? I met Professor Schales from Fresh Meat too.
  25. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11715392/boris-johnson-dominic-cummings-tory-civil-war/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Sun seems to have turned.
  26. I sent a text to a mate during the set saying similar. "Could teach U2 a thing or two", I think I phrased it.
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