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  2. Thanks for that mashedonmud. I'll look it up, as I can't read that writing and my IT skills will not allow me to enlarge it. PS - Going off on tangents is perfectly OK in my books. I just love it after having had a smoke and your mind has absolutely no option other than to go off on tangents that your normal (unaffected) mind wouldn't do normally. I like writing a lot of these thoughts down. No doubt I'd be sectioned if a responsible adult were to read them, and inform the relevant authorities.
  3. chazwwe

    Other Stage 2020

    I think they still draw a lot of casual people. Against say Kendrick, I think they would pull a decent sized crowd, would be a small other headliner though compared to some of the other names that have been going around.
  4. Has Michael Kiwanuka been floated here yet? Glasto shaped hole in his tour
  5. Yeah probably my biggest discovery so far. Seems like she’d be really interesting to see live so hoping I can make room for her, although as you say it’s looking like it’s gonna be tough to squeeze in all these smaller acts.
  6. I apologise for being off topic. I tried to pm you pic, but my IT is useless. Then I thought others may benefit on a cold day too. So public it has to be as I've mastered screen shots. And you started this going off on a "tangent" so I'm guessing I can too.😁 hope it helps.
  7. zeppelin

    Other Stage 2020

    I think The Libs sold out an Academy tour last year? But I was under the impression they weren't much of a draw anymore - surprised to see them headlining Beni - much less headlining The Other. Although I'm not really a fan so probably downplay them.
  8. PetePie

    Production Pass

    We was working last year , had an epo band and about 7 other bands for different areas, as our crew was required to work behind a lot of the stages , we got backstage at a lot of the stages , where the vip bars are and food tents for the bands are besides seeing the odd celebrity who was playing that day , they are pretty boring places , best thing about it was the crew bars , but it was good to get into places that I have never been before , and the short cuts where great to get to places without the hassle of getting thru the crowds
  9. he'd nos idea what he was up to .... fancy going for a cheesy wot sit ... has he not been reading the best food and drink thread ?
  10. Too soon for Enter Shikari to return? If not would love a Shikari Sound System silent disco set
  11. zeppelin

    2020 headliners

    Yo Matt, I meant to say sorry for this by the way. I'd had a couple of drinks and really hate the Daily Mail, so probably went a bit too hard on you here. I pretty much stand by what I said, but didn't mean to target you.
  12. Yo Gnom, I'm heading to Leeds tonight (that was me on Twitter). Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Was there any support? I've mentioned this before, but I have a soft spot for the band since they played a warm up date at the UEA in the late 2000s. Kelly was ill so they had to cancel just before doors (Little Man Tate, who were supporting, played for free). However the 'phonics still came back and played after the dates they were supposed to be warming up for. I think some bands would have just cancelled. Anyway, buzzing for tonight.
  13. I've never really got behind that song on record but it was excellent last night. While I agree most of the albums haven't been up to much since (with the exception of Graffiti On The Train), there have been enough decent songs to make their live shows an enjoyable event.
  14. Anyone know of any decent tents with two separate bedrooms? Looking to spend about 150ish and the smaller/lighter the better.
  15. Handbags and Gladrags was the point of no return. I forgave the duet with Tom Jones, but that??
  16. Yeah, I know. I mean, I've committed murder. Mind you, it was on the dance floor;
  17. Kalopsia

    Other Stage 2020

    That is all true, I'm glad you won't let me get my hopes up!😂 He definitely has some sorting out to do, we'll just have to wait and see what Josh wants to do next.
  18. There’s a thread for lineups.
  19. Just discovered a great gem in Lingua Ignota. Will probably fill a late night slot at the Adidas stage in the same style as Myrkur or Anna von Hausswolff in previous years. Unfortunately she will feature on Thursday, the days are so uneven in quality this year that it is getting silly.
  20. The line up has got some interesting artists but given the room for another big name it needs a bit more guitar to it. Especially with bands like: The Strokes, The Killers, Kings of Leon all touring this year
  21. The first 2 Phonics albums were essential fpr me as a teenager. I loved them. I saw them on the Performance and Cocktails tour & then again when JEEP came out. I'd already bought a ticket for the 2nd gig before the album was out. I have still never been as disappointed in an album in my life. The gig was dull too. Never seen them since. If I was guaranteed there to be nothing post P&C, I'd go. Otherwise, nah. 'Have a nice day' still haunts me now. Edit - And Handbags & Gladrags. Oh dear god. No.
  22. Today
  23. RATM - BMTH - Dave - Sam Fender/R1: Vampire Weekend LG - Skepta - Lewis Capaldi - Slowthai/R1: Rex Orange County MCR - Wolf Alice - Idles - Aitch/ R1: Brockhampton This is an ideal scenario I understand it’s not gonna happen but where we stand with who can and can’t play this would be an absolute dream
  24. Did they reset the field dimensions after expanding it for the Stones - or is this an expansion on the expansion?
  25. They will be a huge draw no doubt, but not sure if any bigger than some of the other legends in recent years to warrant expanding the field...just my opinion, I could be completely wrong
  26. dentalplan

    Other Stage 2020

    Heheh I don't think so. Despite the charity gig, Josh said around the time of the new TDS that he needed a long rest after the last tour and that Queens wouldn't be touring for as long or releasing as often in the future. Sounds like he's a bit fed up with that side of things and will be working on other projects from his studio, and then there's a fair bit going on in his personal life too that would put aside new music plans.
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