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  2. Beerqueen

    Volunteering 2020

    Shit, shit, shit - possibly literally as I may only have that instead of bar work! Shelter have emailed me to say I wasn't registered! I have emailed back to say I was and forwarded the email they have previously sent me to prove it so fingers crossed it will be sorted! I think it's because some years ago, gmail was known as googlemail and I registered originally using myemailaddres@googlemail.com but today entered myemailaddress@gmail.com. I'm waiting to hear from them now.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong but is she still kind of a one hit wonder so far or am I just too old?
  4. Also handy if you are camped right by the bloody thing
  5. Rosalia and Dua Lipa Both had about 4th spot on the JP. I’d guess she’d have about the same
  6. any chance for purity ring?
  7. I'd say so. Great food, and by the time you get there it feels like a treat. Best book soon, mind.
  8. 4519dennis

    Volunteering 2020

    Hope you get there @Kats1891 - anyone that has organised themselves to go the volunteering route deserves to get in. I hope that Shelter have you at the top of the priority list.
  9. I completely forgot they subbed last year. I wish I hadn't remembered. They were so disappointing. Bar moving on up.
  10. she just won best female at the brits. I doubt she'll be shoved away in a naff slot.
  11. Not bad at all w/ Blood Orange, Moses Sumney, Fontaines DC, SiR or even HO99O9. The main issue is the €, and the fact they can't book some quality and posible acts such as Jorja Smith, Girl in Red or so.
  12. Some thing's going to be dropped soon. I can feel it in my bones!
  13. Kats1891

    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks all and to those who didn't get the email as me enjoy it I went last year with Oxfam so I can say I have done it once in my life if I am not successful this year or any other times Hopefully they will come back to me with good news I doubt it though! x
  14. Don't get a guy's hopes up like that. She would be amazing 3rd down on the Sunday, following DiRozzle. They'll want some crowd churn at some point so they'll stick a Foals or another band on before Taylor.
  15. If I felt the owners had plenty to be criticised for, I wouldn’t at the same time be suggesting they had done a great job.
  16. Yup. Every time it’s effectively “I don’t like hip hop, therefore I don’t think he will headline”
  17. Gigs in Scotland have done a post about the SWG3 festival. Announcement must be coming late this week or early next week hopefully
  18. 4519dennis

    Volunteering 2020

    Bad luck @Kats1891 - very unfair. I haven't yet had the subsequent email but dreading it hitting my inbox
  19. its pretty harmless ... if people dont notice me winding up on Glasto chat ... which is predominantly based on windups something is not right
  20. Moby is releasing a new album march 6th just fyi Edit: also sufjan Stevens album also soon after that.
  21. This is fallout from the fact all 3 headliners were pretty much confirmed well before Christmas. We need to get hysterical about something and there's a lot of unused hysteria from the headliner thread that needs expending.
  22. That group are all shocked when you mention Kendrick and are convinced it's not him. They also just want guitar bands headlining, they deserve it.
  23. Woffy

    The Who?

    Underrated joke, BSR.
  24. That Avalanches track be like
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