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    The 1975 2020

    U2 is even worse than those. The Joshua Tree 30th tour had people setting up a queue a few days days early where you went and got a number. ( all unofficial mind you ) then to return the morning of the gig date and get into your respective positions and queue at the stadium when allowed. the 1975 dont care what happens with those kids that wait out in the streets for days on out. Venue operators and promoters have had to sort it all out themselves. U.s venues On this current tour have given fair warning that there would zero queing or pre queing allowed a week before respective gig dates and that local police would give out citations for loitering and trespassing if it wasnt obeyed. as a long time Radiohead Fan and being very familiar with queing overnight for their gigs its gotten much more civil over the years because its only been the same people who do it so everyone knows how it will go. Very few new people really bother with trying to think they would get to a gig earlier than the small group of attendees that go to a lot of their gigs over here. lets be grateful that the current batch of K Pop acts do not have standing for their gigs. It would probably result in deaths. if you wanted to see the most extreme case of this, look no further than Lady Gaga’s tour for Art Pop when she was going to play stadiums. There was a standing section for those dates and the thing that set off her fanbase was that the first person in the queue at any date was to be handed a Key by Gaga herself to signal that they may enter the “Little Monster Pit”. So after tickets were secured people started to camp and queue out of venues weeks at a time to ensure they were first. Taking shifts with friends to keep that first spot, missing school and work and such along with it. Just to have that small recognition of being first.
  3. Yeah sold out fast as well.. bought my tickets back in September and it's next month so been waiting a long time now! 😂
  4. The state of the ground was lovely today during our site visit - we had wellies on but the paths were pretty solid and we could’ve easily coped with boots or maybe even some stiff walking shoes. Photo attached of puddle near Mary’s Gate as a tribute to @deebeedoobee‘s tireless efforts in this thread!
  5. Kasabian did Mad Cool two years ago as well and unlike tame impala haven't gotten bigger in the meantime. Would be happy with either, as Kasabian were one of the victims of the 2018 clash clusterfuck.
  6. Why not get an allotment. It might make you sane
  7. I can't unerstand all tha haterd towards the Courteeners. They are indie act as The Kooks, The Wombats etc... Why do people really only focus on them all the timmr. Ok, they are from Mancchster, but it's still not a reson for so much slanders. and BTW, from spotify they have roughly 70,000 listeners monthly from London which is almost triple the number from Manchster. It's not that they only popular up north. It's only thay their fans in the north are a lot more loyal and devoteded for them.
  8. Saw them about 10 years ago but I lost track since... I would have thought they were smaller but O2 sold out is pretty big yes.
  9. The joys of being “house trained “ lol , still ... I would rather do the ironing, hover and cook supper for my good woman than do the 12 hour shift she has just done. #nursesareheros
  10. Beni haven't an exclusivity on indie acts. It will be amazing to see Catfish and Blossoms. Courteeners are "too British" and it's really rare to see them in a festival abroad, except for Beni (which is a British festival in a lot of ways). The offical flight from London maybe it's a sign for some more meduim acts from the UK. All the 6 headliners are American....
  11. Kaiser Chiefs are in UK on July 5th and then Benicassim on July 19th. Are they exclusive to Benicassim? I hope not. I would be happy to see them at MC.
  12. chazwwe

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Nah in all honesty I'm okay with this, I assume she'll be on the Other Stage quite high up or Pyramid before Diana Ross? (maybe? not really sure on her size) means I wont be spending my whole weekend at those stages and get teh chance to go elsewhere for a bit.
  13. I lost my valid passport this weekend but have a photo of it on my phone, would that work to get into clubs?
  14. Elbow are no Aerosmith, that's for sure.
  15. Would love to see Catfish and the Bottlemen back, been 3 years. Would also love to see Blossoms & Courteeners out there. Seem more Beni type bands but hopefully do Madrid at some point
  16. Fair enough, had tipped them for 3rd down LG day but praying it's Wolf Alice now. Unrelated but just imagine a UK tour with any combination of Idles / Slaves / Fontaines D.C. / The Murder Capital
  17. The offical account did like to an advertisment of their gig in Madrid last month, so fingers crossed they will be one of the meduim sized names which will be added... What about The Vaccines? Kaiser Chiefs? Keane? The Wombats? I wanna see some more British names...
  18. Just been on the leeds website and seen that Relentless energy drink are no longer a sponsor. Wonder what this means for the Relentless stage? I assume they’ll carry it on under a new name instead of scrapping it? Weird cos Relentless have sponsored Leeds for the best part of the past decade or so I think. Thoughts?
  19. Don't just imagine it, Hugh. Be it.
  20. Their UK tour next month is pretty much sold out and that's in arenas such as the O2 in London... They're headlining Kendall Calling too and headlined latitude last year... so yeah still pretty big
  21. They haven’t announced any Euro dates at all for this year aside from APE in London, so I’d say a full list of dates will drop soon. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s tomorrow morning to coincide with Mad Cool, so I’d actually say Tame are highly likely to headline this.
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