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  2. Can't get my head around this. They aren't just going to prosper because they are from a big city though are they? The league isn't going to be any better if Fulham, Southampton and Brighton were relegated and those three came up. They'd face the same problems.
  3. Or just say you're going for a loaf of bread on Wednesday morning and come home Monday!
  4. So hot, temperature reached the 30s in and around the food courts. Fire engine out hosing people down near West Holts. Great to run into a fellow Picnicer on these boards, howrya!
  5. Of course if you have a lot less saves to make, your less likely to make gaffes. I would go for Foster who I think has had the most significant impact at his club.
  6. Yup, checked the order tracker and bank account. I know everything is ok but every so often I get an irrational fear that something’s gone wrong. It’s mental.
  7. 1ERE EDITION DU FESTIVAL FANTASY ! Petits ou grands, passionnés de littérature, d'imaginaire ou simple amateur, Vallauris ouvre ses portes à la première édition du Festival Fantasy ! N'hésitez plus, rejoignez-nous ! Pour plus d'informations rendez vous sur le site officiel de Vallauris Golfe-Juan et sur notre page Facebook Festival Fantasy Vallauris.
  8. But here, your fanny is your fanny and your bum is your bum! I didnt expect to type that ever, I’ll be honest
  9. Not that I disagree with your point, but who has been a better keeper this season? I can think of high profile gaffes by every keeper outside the 2 title challengers.
  10. Took this after I climbed to the hill on weds morning in 2017. What a scorcher that day was!
  11. Hawros

    Resale Club 2019

    Thinking of locking down the sheet at 5pm today, so no last minute changes throw anything out. You can add new details to the bottom / remove people no longer required, but no changing anything already in place. Hope that makes sense - any objections, shout. Edit: Coach bit only, we can think about Sunday tomorrow.
  12. That’s on the agenda with champions league bosses isn’t it for the new contract.
  13. Done 6 and this will be number 7. It's weird given how difficult it is to get tickets that I have been successful so many times. Cannot wait for this year I think it is going to be a great one!
  14. mario man

    Resale Club 2019

    Have an upvote from a fellow spurs fan - good luck on all counts! Heady days these for the spurs, never ever thought I’d see them in the later stages of the CL/European cup Best of luck to all for resales tonight & Sunday!
  15. At least she's been honest, rather than done a passive aggressive false choice of "do what you think is right" which one of my friends got once and optimisticly thought it was a genuine offer! 😂
  16. crazyfool1

    Resale Club 2019

    no adress isn't needed ... the rest is yes
  17. Go on your own friday to sunday? We don't know the full circumstances here but if she's insisting that you use all 5 weeks leave for family time that is completely unreasonable. Maybe suggest that if you do this you'll happilly take the kids for another weekend and she can go and do something with her mates. Or else do what I would do to anyone who attempted to place such restrictions and tell her to do one.
  18. But to an American your Fanny is your Bum - so we're going round in circles...
  19. Yeah the intro is great. The transition into the 'song' part that follows is weak though, the song is a completely different tempo and feels bolted on.
  20. I remember one year the rumour was Richard Whitely from countdown had died and to this day I've no idea if it was true or not!
  21. rookie error ... there's no link so I would say the survey is unsustainable
  22. Im not so certain. I think goalkeeper is the one position where it is harder to get that move as you can only play the one position and you are rarely used as a sub. Looking back Bolton managed to keep a player like Jaaskaleinen (better than Pickford in my view) probably because the top clubs a had decent keepers
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