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  2. jparx

    2020 headliners

    Kendrick is the best but his effort on Bad Blood is weak and phoned in tbh.
  3. Rode 20 miles to work and the 20 miles home. Been doing this once or twice a week over the last couple of months and it soon builds up the miles.
  4. Gilb

    Resale club 2020

    Good luck in the re-letter!
  5. The bonus of living in Somerset ... and talking about Glastonbury quite a bit
  6. You have friends in high places! Best of luck
  7. didnt see your edit ... I play badminton with a guy that runs the free press ... so hes seeing what he can do
  8. That was meant to be mates
  9. dentalplan

    2020 headliners

    Nicolas Cage of rap.
  10. Why will Beck be shite? I liked his last one! The one before was even better. Flaming Lips new one isn’t particularly new but it’s a romp of an album. In an effort to remain current, I’ll call out Ashnikko as someone else that’s floating the boat. The Hi It’s Me ep is worth an earful.
  11. apparently no RHCP here until 2021.
  12. chazwwe

    2020 headliners

    Yeah I have a feeling he'll be on the Friday and then maybe somewhere else on the Saturday if it was to happen. Dreams though.
  13. thats the route I was trying to go down ...but ive potentially got a friend of a friend that might know someone ... its getting a bit convoluted now ..... I would have appeared in a shed load of private social media posts/photos promoting the message and spreading it last year so would be giving something back in my own way ....

    2020 headliners

    Also I don't think Kendrick really gives a fuck about Bad Blood, just one of many many features he does to cut cheques.
  15. Lakota NYE event announced today with Palms Trax, Nightmares on Wax, Young Marco and DJ Boring...absolutely all over that
  16. Guess I’ll join in on the predictions: Friday: TRAVIS SCOTT/BMTH (Coheadline) //The Streets//Fontaines DC//Lil Pump//While She Sleeps Radio 1: Bombay Bicycle Club//Gerry Cinnamon//Aitch Dance: Netsky Lock Up: New Found Glory FR: Frank Turner (Acoustic) 1Xtra: Mist Saturday: The Strokes //Two Door Cinema Club//Skepta//Idles//Johnny Marr R1: Run the Jewels//Sigrid//Joji Dance: TQD Pit: Death Grips (Book them R&L you cowards) FR: Sea Girls Sunday: STORMZY//Tame Impala//Brockhampton//Lewis Capaldi//Nothing But Thieves R1: Sam Fender//Harry Styles//Vistas Dance: Four Tet Pit: Bury Tomorrow FR: Razorlight 1Xtra: Kano
  17. Matt42

    2020 headliners

    Can’t rule anything out. If Kendrick is playing in the middle of a festival run I doubt he’ll be on site long enough. I reckon Kendrick will be the type to fly in for his set then fly out.
  18. Sorry to hear that, especially as there are so many walkabout performers etc on site that add to the experience. One more dedicated to promoting a message during the festival rather than just the message on the website would be a good addition. Could have been in conjunction with the free press
  19. Are the RHCP touring Europe next year, anyone info on that??
  20. Matt42

    2019 New Music

    New album and new tour. Taking a punt and saying around 3rd down pyramid on the Saturday would suit her well. Same slot as Janet, Katy, Paloma in recent years.
  21. Ah ok. I was thinking of a condom ad referring to the band's name and citing a certain line out of their song Closer. 😉
  22. Must have been my selective eyes, but I'll take 1 out of 2
  23. chazwwe

    2020 headliners

    Just had a thought... If we're getting Kendrick and Swift...Does this mean we might get them doing Bad Blood together?
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