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  2. We don't do that joke any more.
  3. Hello! I am organising a private coach from Central London to Glastonbury Festival and have some spare places. Here are the details: Depart: Kings Cross St. Pancras, 5:00am Wednesday 26th June 2019 Return: Glastonbury Festival, 2:00pm Monday 1st July 2019 Cost: £70.00 in advance. If the coach doesn't happen, full refunds will be issued. Various eFest users know me and have already signed up. They will confirm this is legitimate, not a scam (Names below): @Miesh @Esther Leo @Tennis Please get in touch with any questions. Thanks.
  4. Tame Imapala are pretty nailed on for Other. The rumour going around is that Idles are at 6pm yes No idea about Kate yet.
  5. pink_triangle


    Viking/vampire same difference, or maybe I was talking about that new gangrel/Kevin thorn tag team! My guess is Punk will come back to the WWE one day. Principles don't pay the bills.
  6. Boots on feet on Wednesday, wellies and trainers in the car just in case..
  7. Thank you bennyhaha22 and Quark. We're now just £136 short of our target, so be reassured that Lost Horizon will be back. As you've probably read it's a unique place where everyone is welcome and all ages, sizes and genders feel comfortable. And where else in the world can you enjoy naked trampolining?!
  8. So what's the deal with the FNAC pack? It comes with a 3 day ticket + welcome party ticket and some other stuff in a cheaper price (including shipping!) then buying those tickets separate?? What am I missing?
  9. Starting home brew beer and wine as well this weekend.
  10. We are a group of 6 that have managed to get tickets some how every year for the last 5 festivals through many means. This year we have no tickets and no real hope of tickets so we will be desperately trying for the resale. As we are 6 we thought we would try for coach tickets too. Can anyone that has got coach tickets in the resale before please advise us of how it works. Do you just generally get in to the page to get tickets and then it shows you from which destinations are still available and you choose? Or are you only going for resale from one destination so you need to preselect your departure with the likelihood of you getting tickets from there like Bristol as there are huge number of buses over York that only has one time available each day? As it is the resale do you preselect your bus times from every destination or have bus times still not been allocated? I hope that make sense?!?!
  11. Did a bit of exercise to get fitter, then gardening and bbq and beer to train my stomach up for the food and drink of the promised land
  12. I like the mud getting stuck on my laces. I can go all day without stopping to tighten them. It's ace.
  13. Just did a 45 min bike ride with baby morph strapped to a seat on the crossbar, he loved it apart from when I stopped at a red light where he screamed and head butted me backwards until I started peddling again.
  14. Wooderson

    *** Plays Or We Riot

    New Jonestown record is their strongest in an eon.
  15. Today
  16. Splonk

    *** Plays Or We Riot

    It looks promising doesn't it? I saw the BJM recently and they sounded superb - fingers crossed.
  17. jump


    Vampire experience? Hell has frozen over and CM Punk returned to rasslin, tbh it was bit of a shit come back but as long as he's happy. https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/wwe-news-cm-punk-makes-a-shock-return-to-pro-wrestling
  18. Any chance of The Chats? Would delight me.
  19. sedra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Hmm- a FB memory popped up yesterday with me commenting on a lovely sunny Easter in 2016 after I did the same yesterday- hopefully not a prediction of similar weather come June as 2016! However I have also bought new pair of wellies so that might mean no mud this year ! Who knows- there is no pattern😂
  20. I would hope the drainage they have put in since prevents ground conditions like those in 2007 is that the year the other stage was a lake ?
  21. Do we know about park headliner for Friday yet? I’m hoping to catch idles, Kate tempest and tame impala and worried about clashes. I’ve heard idles are 6pm park and tame impala other headliner. Kate tempest likely to be on park again? Or possibly JP?
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