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  2. Never bothered with them previously as I assumed it was some gimmicky band of dickheads judging on what I’d heard but got the new one on now for the same reason as you and I’m liking it a lot more than I thought I would. Had new Wand on before this and that album is (as expected) excellent. Both gonna be getting a lot of plays from me in the coming weeks.
  3. I would like the webcam to go off. The speculation on here will be awesome. Let our imaginations run wild. EE will probably monitor what people are saying to give her ideas for next year
  4. The location thing is the problem. In 2017 I walked past one place and thought "that looks good - I'll try it later" - it took me 2 days to find it again.
  5. Just put on the new album. I'm cautiously excited... I don't particularly like old FWF but Feet is one of my favourite songs of the year so far!
  6. It's like that line from the REM song ('world leader pretend', I think), "I sit at my table, and wage war on myself"- always resonated with me!
  7. Feel free to DM me in June (should know my mobile number by then as I take a cheapo mobile & sim to the festival to allow me to undergo internet detox while there!). It is really hard seeing someone you care about so distressed, I'm glad they've found other ways of supporting themselves. One of the most useful bits of training I did was early on, when someone came to speak about self harm. She preferred to term it self-soothing, and that it's something everyone does to cope when distressed (just some forms are a bit more graphic/visable/ more painful looking)- so essentially it's anything anyone does when they are feeling overwhelmed that results in harm or risk of harm to their bodies, including getting drunk/excessive drug taking, insomnia, over eating, under eating, smoking, sexually risky behaviour, cutting, burning, smacking yourself, speeding, etc etc. Some of these are more socially acceptable than others. I think looking at it like this helps people empathise better with people who maybe use more graphic ways of self harming rather than judging them/ treating them like they're 'crazy' or worse doing a guilt trip thing! "oh, how can you do this to yourself!" "don't you feel bad about upsetting your parents" etc etc. That's awful but seems to be all to common in some schools and 'helping' professions- imagine if you've had the most awful day and are feeling the worst you've ever felt, so get home and decide to get horrifically drunk, then someone comes up to you and lectures you about how selfish you are for getting drunk, how you've let down your yourself and family etc etc- awful! A big problem is that people end up focusing on the form the self harm has taken, rather than trying to understand what was causing the distress that led to it. There was also a campaign a while ago to have suicide separated from self harm in the NHS as suicide is about ending your life, where as self-harm is about trying to stay alive- not sure if the campaign was successful or not, but I hope it was.
  8. zeppelin

    The National

    Hmm link has expired. Would be keen to hear if anyone has this.
  9. pilton digger


    it is indeed fantastic here today, slightly cool but going to be glorious later. It has been great recently to see the Pyramid getting dressed as I drive home, there are more workers arriving at the farm and it is starting to feel "right" if you get me. Emerging Talent next weekend and it will all start really kicking off after the first May bank holiday as usual. As soon as I see fence I'll let you know, they usually start out of sight of the camera.
  10. AC/DC are gigantic enough to headline Download and play stadiums in the same summer and if it meant getting them on someone sort of ‘farewell’ tour, I could see Copping and Live Nation allowing both to go ahead. The appeal of seeing AC/DC say goodbye at historic Donington on a Saturday, as opposed to potential stadium dates during the week (like Metallica) would be a massive pull for a lot of people.
  11. 100% agree. the law as it stands means it’s a goal IMO. next season however it would not have stood...
  12. There is no Sunday rock legend slot.
  13. Another Friday with no announcements .
  14. The Common Instagram account came back to life 2 days ago too. It's on.
  15. Today
  16. MrHew

    Markets map

    Dear lord, I'm hungry now!
  17. Ah the curse of overthinking. The bane of my life! Glad you're feeling a bit on the up
  18. I've been to 8 and managed to avoid him every time! Not even particularly intentionally. So it can be done.
  19. Wow thanks for posting. Some happy memories there! Loads of food places I could recommend but I'm no good at nailing down a specific location. Guessing more is needed than "by Pyramid"!
  20. rubick

    Silver Hayes 2019

    "What if Jery get XONE mixer...?"
  21. Edit: misunderstood post
  22. Took me a second there.
  23. They’ll know full well that some people will take photos and stuff will leak. It’s inevitable. Policies like this are just calling to people’s better nature in the hope that some who may have done will now decide not to. It’ll work better at Glastonbury because of the love and unity most people involved have with the place. Just hope they don’t turn off the webcam - it’s what keeps me going!
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