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  2. His original interview was very much a "I'm alright Jack" set of comments. It was also about 8-9 months ago when Brexit being canned was an actual possibility. I'm happy calling him an arsehole and disputing that he's a "nice honest bloke".
  3. Dream setlist? Mine is something like this: I'm Not Okay Give Em Hell Kid Na Na Na Headfirst For Halos Ambulance Dead Helena You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison Mama I Don't Love You Hang Em High Summertime House Of Wolves Burn Bright Teenagers Boy Division The Kids From Yesterday Make Room Encore: Welcome to The Black Parade Thank You For The Venom Famous Last Words
  4. What about a happy mondays, fun lovin criminals, kaiser chiefs or something like that for a Friday radio 1 tent headline
  5. I'm very unsure on what festival to do this summer although rock werchter has a bit that interests me like Kendrick, strokes, beck etc the majority of the other acts so far are so bland for me. Hope for some more interesting acts soon . Saying all that I wouldn't say no to kings of Leon on Friday as although they play a lot are a very strong name for co head
  6. Get yourself your day ticket mate because 2 out of 3 of those bands you mentioned will definately be playing trust me(BMTH and Blink182 😉).
  7. I LOVE things like this. In 2019 I hid a Geocache onsite and it was found and logged by ONE PERSON. That alone make me happy.
  8. It's bands like Idles, Shame and yes Slaves. Basically all the bands who listened to one album by The Clash or The Jam and think that's how you make good punk music.... it's basically neo-lad rock without different guitar tones and faux political leanings......
  9. Some people thought so - but far from everyone did.
  10. zeppelin

    The National

    I'd be fuming now if they did HV in full on the second night. I've got tickets for the first night and it wasn't really possible for me to do both. Since it's not explicitly stated I don't think either will be.
  11. Would love to see SONS.return....Have seen them a few times now and they never disappoint. Tore down Rotown Rotterdam yesterday.
  12. chazwwe

    Pyramid Subs 2020

    I went to Glastonbury for the first time in 2014 and just fell in love with the place and everything about it. 2015 was the year that I really got into the music variety and wanted to keep up with what was going on, that run was fantastic. Was fairly close for most of it too.
  13. Wtf is this brit-punk shit people keep mentioning? It better not be Slaves.
  14. Hip hop is massively popular with the demographic and so is 'dark fruits' and so (unfortunately) is brit-punk. You can't generalise the whole demographic's music taste, just look at the varied lineup booked by the actual bookers, who's job it is to know what the people like.
  15. Seen the colour scheme and immediately thought .....tangerine dream
  16. Smeble

    Pyramid Subs 2020

    Art Garfunkel was awful but the atmosphere and love for him in that tent was something else. The very definition of crowd interaction.
  17. It depends on the festival, but in terms of your big festivals like R+L they're run by promotion companies who book the bands i.e Festival Republic (think they do Reading) or Live Nation (think they part-own FR now) alongside running gigs and other events for bands...... others are run by essentially one man bands doing it as a passion project. They'll no doubt have a list of contacts but it's essentially a mixture of who fits their brand, is available, and they can afford. Most big festivals have evolved from smaller test festivals though.
  18. We could potentially get MCR, RATM & Pearl Jam as 2021 headliners... Are we more likely to get Biffy Clyro or Muse?
  19. Yeah we definitely need the first announcement to get the thread back on topic!
  20. Its nothing if not consistent. Not that we can say Newcastle's squad isn't in need of investment - Joelinton is struggling to adapt while Muto, Gayle & Carroll all seem injury prone, meaning lack of threat up-front, plus lack of depth to Almiron and Saint-Maximin, and now Willems/Dummett both out for the season means lack of left-backs. Although even so, a very strong Newcastle 11 should be doing much better than a 0-0 draw at home to League One Oxford United.
  21. Or, ‘ we can’t possibly talk about that’
  22. I think CHVRCHES will sub if they pay. They’ve gone down hill recently. My guesses are Catfish / Bombay / Royal Blood They’re 3 bands that are quite different so I think it’ll go down well
  23. I think lack of concrete line-up info means everyone's kinda gone a bit strange in this thread. Unless they've actually not finished booking it yet. Outside possibility that's the case.
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