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  2. Course but its got to the stage wheres thats needed over the next few windows. They're just not good enough. Should flog Pogba to Madrid this summer while they're still stupid enough to pay big bucks for him.
  3. It's dangerous precedent then isn't it? They'd open themselves up for someone saying "Well they delayed the announcement for <tragedy a> but didn't seem to care about <tragedy b>. Shame on them".
  4. the beadle


    Just had a peek, looking good innit?
  5. You might wanna write “I’m a c**t” on your forehead. Saves you the effort of typing all this shite out and gives us the same message.
  6. The Common will announce tomorrow I reckon.
  7. Not to the general public no, they wouldn't notice it. I can't really explain what I mean adequately but sometimes I think you might just delay your bit of exciting news while something shit is happening. Doesn't seem to have been the case anyway.
  8. I just find that a Glastonbury announcement is such a niche, unrelated thing that it doesn’t really register as insensitive or distracting.
  9. Really glad to see that a modern Glastonbury tradition has been maintained. Protecting certain areas will help retain the spirit of the festival. Serious question though, what does everyone do if it rains for five days or we get 2016 conditions?
  10. I haven't been since 2014.. what are the extra security checks mentioned above? I have seen it mentioned elsewhere as well.
  11. Unfortunately I wasn't there as I probably would have been the perfect test case as a committed welly fan. They served me well in 2011 and 2014 but neither were as bad from what I can tell. Mr Tease maybe?
  12. I thought wellies were a nightmare in 2016. I made the huge mistake of opting for wellies over my usual boots and I regretted it all weekend. Constantly getting stuck in the mud, wellies pulling off and so uncomfortable. A good pair of boots all day long, in any conditions.
  13. I just meant it from a poor taste perspective really. Just seems a bit weird to be like "hey guys check this out" against a backdrop of tragedy. But obviously it has not been a factor.
  14. DareToDibble

    Resale Club 2019

    I can’t decide if I’m excited or terrified to be honest. Both?
  15. I did too. I was wondering if anyone had the opposite experience.
  16. It’s not really strange. I don’t think they try to avoid coinciding with major national or world news, or at least certainly not as much as people like to suggest. Glastonbury announcing stuff matters a lot to us, but very little to the wider world - especially going forward into, like, Block 9 announcements.
  17. FloorFiller


    Hoping for an early-ish Pyramid slot myself to avoid clashes (and to see a huge crowd go ape for Juice), but she could realistically show up on any of the five main stages.
  18. DareToDibble


    There’s a lot of talk on Twitter about it not being him and I think I’m inclined to agree. I don’t think the person seems the right build and he seemed really sloppy. Surely if he was going to make a comeback it wouldn’t be in a promotion/event as small as that?
  19. There’s a reason why female fronted bands never get far compared to the male ones. Paramore are the only headliner I can think of and they’re incredibly overrated anyway. The only reason they get listened to is because of their sex appeal to the majority male audience that they appeal to. Give me bands like Architects and Shikari any day.
  20. Just donated so thought I'd bump.... So close to target now
  21. As mentioned in the other thread, I coped better than the rest of my group who were in wellies and generally took twice as long to get anywhere. Pelting up to Ronnie Spector in The Park from the Pyramid, I got there about 15 minutes before the rest of them.
  22. When I worked on a farm it was boots unless it was unavoidable; in a ditch, cleaning out pig shit etc. Wearing wellies all day just makes your legs ache.
  23. No and no. 2016 was my first year wearing boots and Ill never wear wellies again. No sore toes, no scrapes on calves, no Glasto back. Life changing.
  24. Gotta get something tomorrow surely then another one on Friday before the resale I hope
  25. Zoo Music Girl


    Anyone got any idea where she'll play? Quite keen!
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