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  2. This. You're one of us, it would be criminal if the numbers scared you off this year. None of us have met most of us more than a couple of times, how could we when we meet once a year (less including fallows). If you turn up, you'll find you know these people you've never met more than half the people who are already there. We all hang out on this place most of the year, it's so good to actually "increase the bandwidth" and speak for real. I was shocked last year how much these people I only knew from forum posts were, in fact the same people that I knew from forum posts. In short, don't be a stranger, because you're already not.
  3. briddj

    Free APE tickets via O2

    Not if you were front left of stage where the speakers blew....
  4. briddj

    Hot Chip

    By the time Glasto comes around I'll have seen Hot Chip three times in 2.5 months. Still can't decide between Hot Chip and Chems. Even considering first half of Chems and then up for most of Hot Chip but that seems silly.
  5. briddj

    Other stage Sunday

    There ain't that many young people there for it to be an issue.
  6. Matt42

    Other stage Sunday

    I think the issue with Billie is that every young person is going to be there. If she’s up against Miley... she will have a bigger crowd than Miley. She’s probably one of the biggest acts on the lineup.
  7. H.M.V

    Miley Cyrus

    Hey been talking to himself @fatyeti24 about that garden yard Jolene. But now I can't find it. Anyone got a link cos that was tingly. @bamber?
  8. You saw them at Gorilla, do you need to see the same (admittedly very good) set again in a different place where you can't see them as well?
  9. Chems The Cure Hot Chip Jonny Marr Billie
  10. You get to do a lap of the site while hanging on. It's quite exhilarating. 😂
  11. Welcome. They usually start despatching them around now, but they can take a good few weeks to get out. You can track the progress via See. No one's have been sent out yet, but some are supposedly 'in stock'.
  12. Can't see any t&cs so not sure.....
  13. Hi everyone, looking for 2 tickets for christine and the queens tomorrow. If anyone could help me out it would seriously make this guys day after a series of pretty terrible complications!! Thank you xx
  14. Not 100% sure, it was through a friend but other events have thrown a spanner into the works and I can’t go anyway...
  15. zero000

    Miley Cyrus

    Great set at big weekend. Nothing breaks like a heart is a top sad banger. She's missing a trick by not blending it into Jolene mind you.
  16. Main stage sound is terrible. Much too quiet. Seemed good last night but I was near the front.
  17. nikkic

    Free APE tickets via O2

    Sound was ace for The Chems yesterday. Probably the best I’ve heard at a London festival.
  18. Light Years and Rylan on a playlist that Taylor Swift shared to her gazillion fans https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/playlist-by-me/pl.ae7cd2db31fc4d519725b6747b9074a5 she had one for her last album too which had Carin at the Liquor Store, and Dark Side of the Gym on it. and some El Vy on a previous one too.
  19. Was interested in going next weekend but a few people I know are at the strokes there now and the sound is so bad people have left. I dont remember the sound being that terrible last year but maybe they've had interference from the council 🤷🏼‍♀️
  20. Today
  21. Well you read some of his wikipedia edits Here he removes the part stating Jews are a race and tries to use it as justification against Israel existing: ;https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Israel&oldid=3147295 Here he edits out a contributors article on the basis that they are a "zionist" and therefore can't be trusted: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Israel&diff=prev&oldid=3414263 Here he removed a reference to Hamas suicide bombings on the basis they are "western centric" https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hamas&oldid=3297169 He's as racist as Hopkins or Robinson. If you had a checklist of left wing-anti-semitism he ticks every box.
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