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  2. Ok I am going to go for Wednesday 11th March. I have been doing a Non Medical Prescribing course and deadline to submit all work is 10th March. The gods will give me it as a celebration knowing I have a full.spare weekend to dive deep into Spotify.
  3. I ordered a new camping blanket... it's by Kylmit and it only weighs about 1lb and it packs down really small. I'll be using it instead of a sleeping bag so I hope its warm enough.
  4. Today
  5. SunnyDays10

    Volunteering 2020

    Please can someone pm what 10am deadline is for today? My calendar erased it 😂
  6. Every year I take less and less and every year I take more back at the end. This year with the heat I learned a horrible lesson about berries and chocolate. With the coop on site this year, and after checking out the coop last year and having confidence in what will be there... I will ba packing 2 things only, vodka and mix.
  7. That milka bar is on you
  8. Yuh yuh yuh lets take in the line up with a campachoochoo
  9. Yes please to both (oh, and Black Midi from the earlier post)
  10. will be disappointed if train guy doesn't announce the poster
  11. Carrots 🥕 - will get you in the rabbit hole!
  12. Milka bars were a bad idea last year.
  13. I see Limp Bizkit and Sum 41 are around in August
  14. Sum 41 back on main stage? LIMP BIZKIT?! I Prevail subbing the pit would be nice too, probably being held back till after the tour.
  15. Edited for your very good point. Was directing that mainly at the Radio 1 personalities.
  16. glasto-worker

    Volunteering 2020

    Yes that is Aiden Grimes - never let him sing ' as he never stops ' here he is in the background at June's wake { June used to run the Avalon crew bar but sadly died last year } I was over on a WBC trip to Kells last year { its connected to Jim Connell (27 March 1852 – February 1929) who wrote the Red Flag } and I met ' another two people called Grimes ' - if I am on the trip again in April I will take Aiden's photo as they could in fact be related. when the WBC ran that bar in the acoustic area funny enough it was called the Red Flag which was the main real ale bar at Glastonbury.
  17. The Avalanches are a really nice addition to the Tame Impala day for me, also quite impressed with Yellow Days after giving him a listen as well, can't say I'd heard of him before! Has there been any confirmation the days are six stages again? I know the APE ones were last year but the APE Presents had four and doesn't look like they're billing any as 'Presents...' for 2020 so didn't know if this had any bearing.
  18. Great news guys....Neil Young...
  19. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    Much better than Paris last night.
  20. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    It needs a year!
  21. Balls

    2020 New Music

    that Yves Tumor track is fuckin great tho
  22. nicnzl

    The National

    Macca might possibly be the only thing that would keep me away but only because I'm seeing them in April (with Phoebe Bridgers) but even then I'm not so sure..
  23. Was my first time seeing them live tonight, unreal performance!
  24. absolutely class band! hope they do get added to the lineup!
  25. waltere

    Volunteering 2020

    I know at least seven of the people in this photo, Aiden included, from Shelter volunteering over the last few years!
  26. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    That was taken in Cockmills right? When I lost my camera one year and I went to lost property on the off chance, I was asked to describe the photos. "I remember a tent, green, blue and red, there's a lot of photos in a green (possibly blue) and yellow and red tent", I may have said. I should have just said "photos taken in Cockmills". Right now I'm amazed just how fast you found and posted that photo
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