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  2. I have to tell myself, at least we are there stepping foot on the promise land
  3. Gate A very slow at the moment
  4. Anyone arrive by train yet? Did you see any taxis there or is it all cordoned off for coaches?
  5. richy24

    Bar Prices?

    Jeez - For everything?
  6. westholtschic

    Bar Prices?

    The Avalon Inn is £6 a pint
  7. scorp

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm off to glasto the town tomo; staying with a friend. If there are no last minute jobs for the fest, there's live music in the pubs on Sat night. And the town is as batshit crazy as the fest. For the desperate among you, there's good camping close to the town centre. Go and enjoy the town and its pubs & etc.
  8. Been in a couple of hours now so queue is a distant memory but it was very poor organisation. we arrived just before 8 and were told gate D was rammed and were not allowed to join the queue. Sent to gate A where we were dripped through with coaches getting priority. We got in about 12.30 so at least 4 hrs queuing. Found out people were walking through Gate D with minimal or no queues from 9.30. Really poor organisation...but we’re in and camped where we wanted so moved on
  9. It's really fucking shit only missed one (2014 daughter birth) since 2007, absolutley gutted! Taking the family to center parcs this weekend instead to take my mind off it. Week off work now anyway! October will soon be here!
  10. FartSauce

    Long drops

    Shit thread. 💩
  11. Yokel Again

    Out of office

    Set mine for 5.30. Then getting home, kids to bed, then heading. Today is really dragging. So jealous of my group who are already there.
  12. Yanis just posted a pic of him with Johnny Marr on instagram...coincidence🤔??
  13. Let me know if you succeed, would happily put a few shifts in to be able to join my family and mates there.
  14. parsonjack

    Resale Club 2019

    Nothing on recycling....friend of mine there now asking about last minute no shows as I'm only 20 minutes away.
  15. Don't know temperature but the suns currently out and it's lovely and warm, not been cold once today and I've had t-shirt and shorts all day.
  16. Really hot now - full sunchine - getting burnt.
  17. The rain BBC predicted at 2pm is not happening now. The radar shows it shot its last loads over Beaminster. You now have clear skies for the rest of the festival. Enjoy.
  18. My brother’s coming tomorrow from Ireland and is travelling light. He’s thinking of ditching the walking boots for trainers, based on photos of people sitting on the grass enjoying the weather - is this stupid?
  19. scorp

    Resale Club 2019

    Loads of jobs if you plan ahead. I might try for any last minute ones, any time now.
  20. Seth Troxler is doing a few secret sets, which have been added to the front page.
  21. Larraht

    Resale Club 2019

    This is the first year that I have tried and not got tickets for. Sale, re-sale, competitions...nothing. Can't stop looking at the time and thinking 'I should be in the queue/putting up my tent/drinking cider right now'. Anyway, I've decided to call it a half day at work to come home and sulk. If I don't get tickets next year, I am working it. I'm not sitting around at home like this again. Apparently a friend has a contact where I could do welfare...we'll see.
  22. Many thanks for constructive replies, I now feel a little less self conscious using seats. To summarise the general rules seem to be:- 1.ok to use seats virtually anywhere until you find everyone around you is standing, at that point you either fold up seat and stand or move backwards to an area where others are seated. 2. Leaving seats unoccupied for longish periods seems to be a no no, because not fair to others and may not be there when you return. An interesting suggestion was to offer seats up to your neigbours while you are away. Also using lockups was another practical suggestion. Anyway, really looking forward to Sunday, bit disappointed with Pyramid lineup but good that it will encourage us to see lots of other stuff. Can't wait to give my partner a guided tour, although her excitement level is not particularly high at the moment but I hope to win her over.
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