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  2. Anyone download the Fontaines DC set before the Beeb removed it???
  3. RHCP setlist posted on Copping's instagram if I've got the right one? Would be too interesting a booking right?
  4. Worst: Bacon Melt Panini (I knew I'd regret it, but couldn't find anything better without a 15min queue for breakfast) Best: Mexican Seoul / Poutine / Raclette / Buddha Bowl / Duck Wrap / Chicken Burger Hennys? (across buddha bowl) I think we got lucky, almost everything we got was really good & could have easily had twice. Being our 3rd time, Wednesday was spent scouting out as much as possible, writing into a small list of "wants" & then later figuring out when during the weekend we could realistically fit the meals in, in between gigs & also plan when we'd actually hungry. Our list was longer than the amount of meals we had, but mostly a good thing, incase some had a ridiculous queue. Living in London, the prices were not too much of a surprise, but they still hurt the pockets. Some places didn't even have a £5 option? Thought it was a req. A not so obvious tip, is to pick food that is closer to the main stages for Weds/Thurs, because by Fri-Sun the queues will be triple for most of the day. Unless you manage to eat at completely different times to the masses.
  5. Jumping back in for a couple honourable mentions. Firstly just adding my name to the list of Duck Truck fans in WH. Had the duck "burger" it was a full slab of duck breast in a bun and the chips were top notch too. Also, one that i have not seen mentioned yet, back of West Holts - Mexican Ice Lollys (Palletas) - Watermelon and Kiwi flavour was amazing.
  6. Get me Higher Georgia, David Jackson. If anyone knows the other song please let us know. Not Fred again, there was one more......😍
  7. Best - Lebanese Meze stall in Park. Delicious mix of 8-9 different dishes (Veggie & Vegan) for £11. Only found it on the Sunday afternoon but will head back in the future. Worst - Caribbean (Delicious?) place to the left of the stage in Park. Lukewarm Goat Curry with rice for £10. Chaotic queuing system with a long wait which wasn't worth it.
  8. Sketchead

    2023 Headliners

    For those worrying about Arctic Monkeys setlists, their new album would've been out ages by then, plus they'll have done a UK tour by then to get it out of their system (announcement incoming around R&L...)... they'll know what to do, as they did last time. Reading & Leeds might get quite a bit of new stuff given it's this year but that crowd adores them so it won't matter much.
  9. Watching Billie Eilish now. Looks abysmal. But then again so was her set last time on the Other so dunno why people expected anything else.
  10. Is it normal for the forums to get a bit more toxic after the festival? Is it post glasto blues? There's always been massive differences on the pandemic, the way it was handled, and the best courses of action going forward... Doesn't need to result in childish petty name calling, and slanging matches. @waterfalls21234 You were off about a couple of things... There were multiple methods used for recording death figures. the '28 day since test method,' as you mentioned, but also the 'mentioned on death certificate' method. This other method would have meant the death was signed off by a professional (Doctor etc) with Covid as a contributing factor, which I'm inclined to believe is more accurate. It also happens to be, as you pointed out, lower than the 28 day method. Under both methods covid deaths did actually reach into four figures a day during the first 2 waves. Admittedly neither method is 100% accurate. @steviewevie Waterfalls is correct when he says that figures were inflated. It wasn't done with malice, but naturally there was no real way to measure it. Since Covid affected those with underlying issues more. If somebody with AIDS catches covid and dies, what did they die of? They would still have been alive if they hadn't caught covid... But they also would have been alive if they didn't have that underlying illness weakening their immune system. Look, what I'm trying to say is, chill the fuck out, both of you, there are no rights or wrongs, just different opinions, and that's fine...
  11. Got a high five from Rob da Bank walking through Silver Hayes 😁
  12. Started coughing loads last night so tested and got a positive result. Avoided it for the whole pandemic and it finally got me! I knew I'd be likely to catch it at Glasto so it's not massively unexpected.
  13. That's because 2 early birds cost exactly double 1 early bird! That is special pricing for the (barely anyone, surely) people who are up for 7 days in Barcelona, followed immediately by 7 days in a sauna in the middle of nowhere to watch exactly the same bands only with less comfort.
  14. Watching Jamie T now and I’m glad I went to Macca, even though I didn’t really enjoy his set either. Absolute mess!
  15. New poster uploaded yesterday by the looks of it. Some minor formatting changes and a new name on the 1xtra.
  16. Queues held me back a bit but Mexican Seoul the best - had all the tacos at 6 for £10, 2 of each flavour, which were nice but particularly the beef were amazing, then back for the chicken wings that I really wanted in the first place before they said it was a 15 minute. £8 for 5 or 6 giant wings (more like legs), super crispy and in an incredible sauce. Found some momos too near the BBC Intro, very tasty of course, and the dhal with rice was decent for a fiver and to get a bit more filled up. Paella - the £5 portion was more than enough and very tasty as always, even though I make my own quite regularly and theirs wasn't that much better. Olives also very tasty. Pasty has been mentioned I think heading towards CV East, for me if the same one I was on the way to Acoustic from the back of Pyramid. Bought it before Paul & Jacqui and ate it when I get home (to the tent afterwards)! Very nice and huge, almost Oggie size? Lastly, pie for £4 on its own or chips and an excellent curry sauce only £1 extra! Nothing to write home about in general, but at about 4 am with not much open it was a decent meal to fall asleep in your belly. Near Leftfield I think, I seem to remember walking past Eat The Farm. Oh and on that note, their breakfast burger for a fiver was very very good flavour and value. I settled for the much closer breakfast quesadillas that I always get opposite Other after that, which were also nice as usual and not bad for £6.= either.
  17. The odd time and he plays stadiums. Cant see him playing a tacky legends slot.
  18. I’m not comfortable with Glastonbury getting so explicitly involved in the commentary of the war to begin with. Not that there isn’t a clear victim and perpetrator, just it doesn’t quite sit right with me to have Zelensky call on Glastonbury Festival goers for support. As others have said, requests for funding of arms and weapons underneath the CND symbol is weird at best.
  19. Hi maybe I’m being a wee bit dim here.... but I can’t for the life of me comprehend how a single one of your points (some of which are wildly inaccurate or exaggerated) could possibly be connected to my original post? Were you perhaps trying to respond to somebody else?
  20. Yeah they would be mini super spreader events 😛
  21. From my sofa: 1. Pet Shop Boys by some margin. WTWBs 2. Macca (watched twice already whereas saving the second watch of PSB to the weekend for party vibes) 3. Confidence Man With a special mention for Crowded House as they have my ♥️. I love Neil Finn and his grandson screaming was hilarious
  22. Sales are way down across most festivals, so terrible time to be launching a new one. Imagine this cost them a lot of money to get to this stage, so sad to hear. Don't think they'll be the only ones, and imagine a few might take a year off for 2023 before seeing how the market looks.
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