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  2. Book it Michael. You know it makes sense.
  3. I don’t mean to alarm anyone but Toto have a euro tour starting July 11th. Currently no UK dates in there. They would absolutely SLAY an afternoon slot on the Pyramid.
  4. FIRST I thought that Way Out West track had a familiar ring. Sampled from this. One of my favourite love ballads.
  5. Reckon we’ll get the stage splits tbh
  6. I know but I just can’t see IOW allowing it, especially as IOW need selling points these days considering you have to get a ferry. Anyway, Rage will be playing so it doesn’t matter.
  7. ^1 - 98% Numbers falling, confidence increasing. Although, I've left a 2% cushion due to the current tectonic activity.
  8. Thought I’d make a little YouTube update video this weekend. So I did…….
  9. There's been so many "festival exclusives" in the UK (especially Reading) that never ended up being so
  10. NHS to start sacking unvaccinated staff in two weeks. As two jabs are required by April 1st that means staff have until Feb 3rd to get the first one. 80,000 workers could go.
  11. The money collection in 2019 was hilarious!
  12. I would love to see Baby Keem and I hope Kendrick would bring him out for Family Ties.
  13. SecretFish


    This I would love!!!
  14. Doxxing some Deliveroo person, gushing over Chris Brown...generally being the opposite of what she encourages at her gigs
  15. I’m not sure really.
  16. Yearly, targeted mainly at those who usually need the flu jab, available to others who want it but no mandates, no domestic vaccine passports and no coercion or threats and it'd be a sensible solution
  17. I don't think you can really change the rules now. I think you have to play the season out and tighten them next time.
  18. I'm going to guess at the band who wrote your username
  19. Silk Sonic - West Holts or el Pointo.
  20. Today
  21. Hit after hit - would be like Sheryl Crow’s set I reckon.
  22. Matt42

    2022 Headliners

    A UK legend reuniting this year? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/17339354/n-dubz-reunite-tulisa-dappy-fazer/amp/
  23. I finally got involved with the new generation. I've got an Xbox series x. Later this week sees the arrival of a new LG C1. Also got some new headphones to indulge in Dolby Atmos. And to test all this out I'm playing a game released in 2006.
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