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  2. I can still remember a load of drunk Scottish guys on the long-arse walk from the site to the metro station going "Fuck Massive Attack, bunch of w*nkers" after they bailed. It did sound overall like a pretty shit go of things.
  3. I just think given the relative ticket sales of 2018 vs 2019, it’s a stick on that they’ll go back to the formula that worked and book a lot of bucket hat bands
  4. So they are. Move along, nothing to see here...
  5. The thread was started in Feb 2019 and the days/dates wouldn’t match for 2020.
  6. Those tour dates are 2019. The days/dates don’t match for 2020
  7. By the way where was john Digweed set taken from? Mixcloud?
  8. jparx

    2020 headliners

    Who knows. Nothing to really link Kendrick with it other than he fits the clue, Neil thinks Macca isn't doing it but there's enough to keep him in the conversation. Swift seems the safest bet but could be announced for BST as an exclusive in the coming weeks. I think RHCP are well in contention as well with their dates and fitting Emily's clue. It's totally up in the air and we don't really have any idea.
  9. priest17

    2020 headliners

    I was genuinely enjoying catching up on a couple of days of headliner talk, I can't believe I let myself think it would last for several pages without spiralling into stupidness.
  10. It’s going to have a Stanley don wood font if I can find anything similar ... or if I can just copy and paste from photos
  11. priest17

    2020 headliners

    I love the radio as well hun x
  12. Prediction. Saturday Catfish/Wolf Alice Sam Fender Fontaines DC Sunday Ian Brown Elbow/The Specials Metronomy Would like to see: Sports Team Another Sky Slowthai Richard Hawley
  13. lighthouse

    2020 headliners

    Haven't got the time te read 100+ new posts, but are we still thinking Kendrick Lamar - Paul McCartney - Taylor Swift as the three main headliners?
  14. Bordering on avoidant behaviour by WV in not informing the customers what is on offer. To quote Big Keith: "What are the Options?"
  15. glasto-worker

    Bar queues

    each time it was used there was Security dealing with who went where so it was not a issue - At Reading it used to be a right scrum and people were just not letting people out who had just bought a tray full of drinks so the Customers were happy and takings at the bar went up so it was a win win for everyone.
  16. lighthouse

    Nick Cave

    Is it selling slowly? Belgian date sold out in under 15 minutes (a record). Netherlands sold out really quickly as well.
  17. Thanks danbailey I'll give that a whirl. Can't seem to find Hernan anywhere lol. Tried his and nick warren's podcasts as well. Cheers
  18. The potential problem with Travis Scott last time was that he pulled a smallish crowd. I think the weather may not have been the best but while it was busy up front, the crowd as a whole was tiny compared to the likes of Kings of Leon. Has he got that much bigger since?
  19. Just Photoshop some holly and Santa hats on everyone and it’s a winner 😆
  20. Another one I’ve never heard of. You’d imagine next week will be a mixed bag of stuff and maybe bigger names in the week leading up to tickets on sale day
  21. Not sure if it was made available. John Digweed released his secret set and there's 3 Sasha sets around (2003 and more recent)
  22. Make that your Xmas card and sent it to him! All I want for Xmas is a glasto ticket!
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