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  2. You're thinking of 24hour Party People, but besides that you're spot on.
  3. Rage Against The Machine (40) The 1975 (65) +5 Foo Fighters (45) Twenty One Pilots (25) Panic! at the Disco (30) -5 Kasabian (20) -5 Muse (35) Foals (50) Biffy Clyro (40) Metallica (15) Arctic Monkeys (40) Paramore (20) +5 Queens of the Stone Age (45) Green Day (25) The Cure (40) My Chemical Romance (30) The Strokes (40) Pulp (30) Arcade Fire (55)
  4. Even if the lockdown is lifted there's still going to be cases of Covid in the country, hosting an event as big as R&L with such little sanitation would be irresponsible and i'm sure the organisers recognise that, if we go straight back to our old ways when this lockdown is done there will be a second outbreak
  5. Yesterday
  6. Steve Coogan my word, genuinely the best he’s ever been.
  7. It's never gonna end is it. This our life now. There's only so many weekend I can drunkenly force my flatmates to put up with constant Glastonbury highlights*. *I understand this is a tiny tiny problem in the grand scheme of things
  8. I agree, but it's more about the furore around it. I think the pressure will be on the government to crack down more.
  9. Guessing here, but early October about five years ago. Invite was a Banksy Free bar and food . The food was the pick of the traders at the festival. The entertainment was karaoke with well known faces (including Chris Martin obviously..with his new GF the Irish barmaid from Peaky Blinders) doing covers of other peope's big hits.'The House Band' that played the music to back the singers was a bunch of top musos. Probably about 800 people there, all themain movers and shakers of the festival along with a hoard of the expexted well known band members that are close to the Eavii. It was quite a night.
  10. Nope ... I’m out for the night now too ... will resume duties in the morning
  11. That’s the kind of showing off I like to see now can you remember the date
  12. Erm, I went to his last BIG birthday party 😛
  13. Start with age and work backwards ... I’m sure people know his age ... I’ve seen that mentioned on here before ..,
  14. I don't. And I'm not going to guess!
  15. Damn if you googled you will already know my answer ..., possibly ... what is Michaels date of birth ... I will accept month and year ... but if anyone wants to show off with day also ...
  16. I know... Also, it will create shortage for people who actually need it to treat/prevent malaria - omg!
  17. Does he know people have already died doing that?
  18. Athelstan ? Or similar it came up in another quiz earlier ... Athelstan Joseph michael eavis .... just to tidy things up
  19. shoptildrop

    How do you feel?

    Me and the fella are okay staying at home but we are lucky to have a decent sized garden. I find the shop run abit stressful tbh as like miltary operation cleaning everything when I get back!! We've limited social media/news as that the bit that adds to anxiety on seeing so many deaths and then on the other side selfish a**s who not taking it seriously as they can do what them want!! I've been furloughed but knew that would be the case and certainly don't miss the early starts and 3hrs+ driving each day... gonna start sorting the garden out this week but the last week I've just enjoyed the box sets to take my mind off the sh*tshow that is happening out there.. I think they will be a big shift on how we are and what we do going forward, especially realising who/what is important after this (I do hope so anyway)
  20. Right, asked DJ neighbour for a Glastonbury related trivia question (at a safe distance obs) to post on here. He issued a string of expletives saying that I can't put him on the spot like that.I said that the whole forum were counting on him and he called me a twat..........then asked, What is Michael Eavis's first name?
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