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  2. Butterz

    Musical Confessional

    I figured that Yeah, I figured that out when I Googled them to spell check before posting. But it fit the theme so I went with it. Nobody's favorite band on this side of the pond (either).
  3. If we say this enough and believe in it enough then we can make this happen in 2020. What say you? WHAT SAY YOU?
  4. They haven’t cancelled any dates and Weiss left S-K days before the late stage splits so it wouldn’t add up. I wonder if there ever will be an explanation about why it was YLT after all this time. Not that I’d say they necessarily owe anyone one.
  5. Butterz

    Musical Confessional

    Confessions of an American: - I can't tell the difference between the Gallagher brothers and don't really care. - I couldn't name a single song by Kylie. - The Lumineers and and Courteeners might as well be the same band for all I know. - Gerry Cinnamon, Loyle Carner, Lewis Capaldi: who the fuck are these guys? - Same with Bring Me the Horizon. - Sleaford Mods, IDLES, etc. whatever. - Mr. Brightside is a fine song but nothing special.
  6. Pretty much the same, but I was expecting that anyway and it didn't really bother me. Was the same in Nottingham last year if I remember rightly.
  7. tarw

    Musical Confessional

    The first record that I bought was The ying tong song by the goons. The second was Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris
  8. Nothing to say about all the polls I posted?Thought not.
  9. You mean the same story on Epstein that everyone but you and all the msm sheep have known about and been following for years and years?The same story,like NXVIM,that you've been calling a conspiracy? Years behind as usual but you won't be able to dodge what's coming or rather you will be you'll look even madder. Imagine when the chickens of the collusion hoax come home to roost.Wonder what your excuse will be to have made such a gigantic mistake ?
  10. Are you allowed to take food into the arena? I can’t remember
  11. There’s a guy filming this whole comedy set on his phone. Might hit him with my flag
  12. bombfrog

    Camp Fires

    Well they all have to meet the same set of regulations (thanks EU) so I'm happy deducing that, as do the sleeping bags.
  13. Gotta love #PopBoss. Hungry Heart is also an almighty smasheroonie.
  14. How was the crowd? Saw them in Brighton and they were awesome but crowd was like a mortuary. Put it down to the crowd as the band were shit hot, but be interested to know how this one went.
  15. However he's far and away my favourite member of Bobby Blotzer's Ratt.
  16. Made me laugh... so I had to upvote!
  17. Gnomicide

    Musical Confessional

    This could be a whole new topic. I avoided Springsteen for years because of Born In The USA and Dancing In The Dark. He's now one of my favourite artists. Best set of the weekend.
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