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Feeling annoyed with myself

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Well i have made the decision not to go and see Jools Holland with other half as he needs to know in time to get someone to go with him - I am in no fit state to do it at the moment - it is so frustrating when this Fibromyalgia gets the better of me - I woke up feeling worse than I went to bed again today and I cant even sit for long hours let alone stand in one spot for 3! so i will have to forget about it - I cant even type today - every muscle and I mean every pretty much is in a locked up spasm - time to force the Doctor to let me try some different medication - I cant carry on like this. Especially when its the kids holidays and we are supposed to be having fun. :D for some reason she wont let me try amitriptyline (sp?)when its what my mum uses and many other sufferers use to good effect. Ive had this thing for over 12 years now and I still feel it rules me not the other way round. I do feel its taken away some of my best years and whats more frustrating is that most people just don't get it and you feel guilty about it -its shit.

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