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kids who'd have em!?

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Although she is the most important thing in the world to me she also gives me most of my worries - It is so weird to enter parenthood and to try and get everything right to do things different to the things that your parents did that you thought were not right and in doing so still coming up with problems? No ones a perfect parent and no ones a perfect kid. Some personalities are easier than others but both of them are tough jobs...(being a kid or a parent that is) I am resorting to go and visit the Doctor about my 'angel' in the hope of some guidance as I feel I am banging my head against a brick wall - with things ive tried to resolve her problems as I feel some of the issues need to be worked upon sooner rather than later - I have visions of terrible teenager years - That's when I started to be a problem - shes just started early. Anyway I am not expecting A Doctor to have all my answers either - we are all so complex its like trying to find a right formula sometimes that works and even that works for a bit and then it evolves and stops working and then you have to try and find something else. Anyway onwards we go.

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