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The Velvet Underground and Nico

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The Velvet Underground and Nico

To be honest, i dont really want to talk about this album. I don't know why i put it in the list. It is classic and its important and it has some astounding songs on it (All Tomorow's Parties, Heroin, Waiting for my Man) but when i listen to the Velvets these days it tends to be their 'Best of' because that has Rock n Roll, What Goes On, and Sweet Jane and to be honest The Velvet Underground and Nico does annoy me sometimes. Its one of those contradictions of mine. Sometimes the shitty quality of the recordings sound really Cool and intimate, but other times it just feel like one of Warhols bad jokes.

So its off my list (although i do love it. What's a boy to do?) and instead i'm gonna talk about some other albums that could have made my oh so important top10.

Grandaddy: The Software Slump

I absolutley love the mood of this, and Jason Lytle's voice is one of my favourites. It has a real gentle meloncholy feel to it and its one of those albums that instantly transports me back to the time when i first heard it (holiday in a cornwall cottage: quite fitting). None of my friends seemed to 'get it', i think because of the slow pace and length of the opening track (dont ask) but it fitted me perfectly and every now and again i stick it on with a cup of tea and a good book. Rock n Roll.

British Sea Power: The Decline of...

BSP seem to be the in band right now, and their new album is very very good, i just hope they dont become swamped by hype and become Arcade Fire. Their first album snuck up on me, i think i first heard them on a radio session (Carrion) and when i got the album it lived up to my expectation. I like Noise, and it had noise. I like subtle delicate melodies, and it has subtle delicatre melodies. I like a fragile voice and it has a fragile voice. It has nothing wrong with it at all. Even Remeber Me which sounds like early Oasis doesn't sound cheap like early Oasis. We had a mushroom session in the woods once and i think Lately sent my mate a bit funny. He had to lie down in the tent for a bit, and thats got to score points?

Primal Scream: Vanishing Point

I'm a bit embarressed that i like a Primal Scream record so much (that'll teach me), normally people think of shambolic live shows, drugs boasting and crap country rock. But Vanishing Point is a brilliant album , and further proof that 1997 was a high point in Rock. Kowalski, Star, in fact the first half of the album (or first 'side') is f**king genius. Burning Wheel should be the National Anthem its so good. A Blissed out call to arms for the spaced generation that makes you wanna sit down and run around at the same time. I've not listened to it for a while so i think i'll have it on tonight while i cook

The Beta Band: Hot Shots2

I first heard the Beta Band when someone played Its Not Too Beautiful on the radio. It really confused me and when i heard their debut i fell in love and went and bought The 3ep's. They never really had the commercial success i think they deserved (and maybe they tried too hard?) but Hot Shots2 was probably their best shot(2). It mixed together so many styles as usual and was the first time i'd heard a 'rock' band sound so RnB (in the new sense of the word). Squares had the same sample as another single and would surley have been a hit if they had released it before the other one, but alas...

I think this was their peak, such an amazing live band too

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