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you know when you get an idea in ya head..

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and you cant get it out no matter what.? Well i want an Overhead projector. The old style ones, nothing special. Ive got some 'arty' ideas right now and need one. lol.

Cant afford it right now tho. (typical January) so ive just got to wait.

Christmas was nice. Got lots of lovely things. Hannah got totally spoiled. Blue_mondays got very drunk.

New year for me was crap. Everyone got really REALLY REALLLLLLLY drunk, kept trying to pick up hannah, kept waking her. Ended up altho i was tired Hannah from about 5am was 'up for the day'... so i had no sleep at all and then had to have the whole next day cos noones else was in a fit state. lol. I swear next new year, i will no be in this postition. i swear. 2 years on a row, i cant even remeber what it was like to have a good time at new year. lol. But other then me i think everyone else had a brilliant time.

Touch wood hannahs been alittle better over the last 3-4 days... really hope its the end of a very hard month or so.

Ive also felt a little more positive.

Where going away a week friday to Scotland, my mum and dad are goign to stay in a log cabin place not far from Fort william. Where gonna go up with them stop at Glasgow for a while. (so the in-laws can see Hannah and blue_mondays can catch up with family/friends) then were joining my mum a dad for a few days rest/holiday while blue_mondays mum and dad have the baby. Looking forward to it alot. Ive been to the cabin place before, very pictur'ess', indoor pool, suna etcetc. :D Ill be celebrating my birthday up there too.

That'll take us to the end of Jan, then in Feb ill start shitting myself to save up for festivals lol. Altho i think were only planning one. Glasto. if we dont succseed there then probably beautiful days.

We only want to go to one so that we can go abroad this year. Havent been away in somthing like 7 years, feeling like i really need some sun this year.

Hope you all had a lovely new year :)

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