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Baby hannah has been a nightmare recently. The poor thing. She's been teething sinse birth and already has 9 teeth (she's just 7 months) but her sleeping through came to a complete stop about 2 months ago. Now sh's up between 5-10 times a night. Mainly just to be held it would seem. :D We tried Controled crying but im a complete failiure at that, and after 2 hours of non stop screaming i went up watched her and then she vomited all over her self, so we had to get her up and change her. :) - ive not wanted to try it again sinse. And im just hoping it'll pass and its down to her poor teeth. She also full of cold for the last few days, so me and blue_mondays have had hardly any sleep at all.

Its getting really stressfull. He's working 12 hour shifts right now, and he has dermetisis(sp??) on his hands and his boss has told him if it gets worse he wont be able to work due to health and safety. (his hands are raw. its horrible)

We're mainly sorted for crimbo, which is a good thing, but right now i just feel like id trade every prezzie for a decent nights kip. lol.

oh and you might as well know im six months preggers. It came as deverstating news, i found out at about 4 months. Didnt have any signs. Its just one of them things and we have to just 'get on with it' now. That sounds horrible, i dont mean it like that. Its just right now it'll make us or brake us i think. :)

Im due end of March. Havent really told many people at all... think were both still coming to terms with it and getting used to the idea ourselves. Dont think we could take other people's jokes/harsh oppinions right now anyway. Blue_mondays i have to say has been a rock tho. Hes way stronger then me through this. Without him i dont know where id be.

Ive got a brand new computer that im made up about. lol.

god im tired. lol.

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Just to say things will get better - My sister is also pregnant again but not completely unplanned apparently but she sure knows how to put her body through it! When the new one comes in March she will have a newborn, and a 13 month old along with wait for it a 9 year old,15 and 17 year old- Granted the 2 bigger ones are pretty much taking care of themselves now but whoo - respect is all I can say (I only have the one 7 year old)

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Thanks :(

yeah a few people have said that as they get older they'll entertain eachother meaning it'll probably turn out less work for me. Hope so. lol.

Just its so hard right now with one! *god help me!*

Thanks again :(

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Well Congrats (again :() and ask santa for a new telly eh :( :(

Hope your well and give my love to Hannah and Darren, and yourself of course


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