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Festivals 08

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Still pissed off with Sky broadband and as soon as we can get out of this contract we will.

That said its November and we have tickets to 2 festivals booked already, ssh and Bearded Theory. As soon as Workhouse tickets are for sale we will be buying them and there is still talk of doing BD/Endorse it with a camping holiday in between, time will tell as they arent massively cheap. We also fancy a local one called middle of nowhere which we always tend to be on holiday when its on so that will be good to get to and if anything small turns up we will be off to that.

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Recommended Comments

Only doing 4 next year :(



Tartan Heart


Might sneak a freebie for TITP and/or Connect though

There may be a possibility of Glastonbury, really unsure, its VERY expensive.

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