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Monumental Efforts

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Developments on the efestivals forums today saw a user by the name of Cultseeker declaring that contributing posts to a thread was a "monumental effort". The selfless act to attempt to educate the forum users was the latest in an ongoing struggle to bring light into the darkness of the depths of internet as some kind of later-day mission which has seen Cultseeker, 43 from Teeside make as many as twenty three different posts in one thread. Cultseeker, 43 from Teeside, has previously been involved in several "no mean feats" before escalating to "serious challenges" before finally arriving at "monumental efforts". A spokesperson for Cultseeker said the effort had left him drained, but he expected to have fully recovered by the weekend. Upon being asked what Cultseeker had planned to top his monumental efforts, the answer was a little vague. "He's considering a 'Herculean task’ that might see him post as much as forty times on a subject. "He's waiting for the right subject" added his spokesperson, but refused to comment on whether "outrageous over-the-top self-publicity on the internet" would be such a possible thread.

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