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And back to the misery...

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To be honest, I've completely forgotten about these blog things until today. Been very bored, and stupid weemee won't update because stupid broadband is slower than dial-up these days so I came here instead.

Back with the doom-mongering. Myself and mr.carley have now split up. Long story, my decision. The flat is going on the market. Thought I was okay, but today we've found out that the mortgage company want SO MUCH interest and fees back that we're going to have to make the asking price to break even. Yesterday I was thinking if we made the asking price we'd actually come away with something....not now :(

Bit the bullet and told the parents, they weren't aware of the second loan we took out with the mortgage company. They now are and it was a barrage of criticism from mom. I hung up. I've never done that before but lately I've had endless calls and its either been questions after questions about whats happened, or now dig after dig about the fact that I will be coming away from a mortgage of 20 months with nothing to show for it. I AM AWARE OF THAT. All too painfully aware of that fact thank you very much. 28 next month and right now its hard to see past the disappointment (my own and my moms) of what I've not done and done with this time.

Everyone wants to speak to me and find out how I am and don't get me wrong I am glad people are concerned for me but I think I just want to be left alone. People are also commenting on how well they think I am coping and asking me how I feel and am I okay? I thought I was doing okay. I don't think I am anymore.

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