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Indie Tracks Festival

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Thats another festival out of the way, bit different this one, difficult to explain how it was different, but essentially camping was at a proper campsite around a half a mile away. The campsite itself was lovely, Golden Valley near Ripley, certainly would recommend it to people who like camping, very friendly and good facilities, set in beautiful surroundings. The actual festival site was reached via a long narrow country lane which led to the midlands railway centre, hold on I hear you exclaim, a music festival at a railway centre??? Yes and they had steam locomotives that you could go on as part of your entrance fee.

So then, the festival, well I saw a few bands, singers etc and I will be brief here, The felt tips, drummerless sarah records type indie, Pete Green, pretty good and he did an acoustic version of blitzkrieg bop, The Hermit crabs, very much like camera obscura, the loves, the first good band of the day, excellent, bearsuit, nestled between the happy mondays and badly drawn boy as one of the worst bands I have ever seen, friends of the bride, pretty good stuff, the school, similar to heavenly, pretty good, persil, shouty nonsense but again ok, elctric pop group, appallingly bad, darren hayman, always a pleasure never a chore.

The festival, I would have loved this twenty years ago, and I daresay the same people would have been in attendance twenty years ago. It was full of indie snobs that still hanker after a field mice reformation and are stuck in 1987. The audience and the band that were in attendance for bearsuit made me actually leave the venue prior to the orchids coming on. Really really do not want to go back to this, and instead of getting people that are trying their best to impersonate ballboy (the felt tips), camera obscura (the hermit crabs) and belle and sebastian (practically everyone) book the originals.

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