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Just got in from seeing Amiina at a small room in the M/cr Accaddemy. f**k a monkey they were good!

It really helped that the crowd were pretty cool. A band like them needs a respectful quiet audience, and luckily they got it. There was a kind of anti-mosh-pit thing going on where the first few feet of people sat on the floor and watched/listened from a frankly perfect viewpoint.

In case anyone is unaware. they are Sigur Ros' string section that usually play as support act to them during the past couple of years. Staying true to their oddball beginings they played an erncore with 4 woodsaws played with bows. The fect that they did that and it sounded perfect is a testament to how good they really are. They've recently added vocals to their repetoir, but they do these in a choral phonic way that fits so well with their sound.

I have no idea how many dates they are playing over here, but if you get the chance go see 'em. The least you'll get is a unique musical experience, if you are in the right frame of mind you'll also see one of the best live outfits around doing beautiful stuff you've never dreamed of.

They are selling their album on tour, it apparently doesn't get properly released for about another month but it is well worth a punt.

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