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robbing scumbags

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Well i suppose it had to happen sooner or later that i would become a victim of crime. Our shop which is a small independant retail unit which supplies my bussiness partner and i an income, not a very big one mind you, we take home between 180 and 250 per week each. and last week was such a bad week we took no wages at all, what happens, we get robbed. stock totalling nearlly 10k just gone, cash nearly 1k gone, chances of getting paid in the next 2 weeks gone. mortgage and all other payments gonna be hard now, shopping wife and lil un to support, fukkers dont think of that do they. yes we have insewerants (pratchett) but we will have to pay an excess and our premium will go up no doubt so there is a load of cash wasted (our wages again), redecorating (our wages again) external door need replacing and shoring up until replaced, who's gonna pay for that, mmm our wages again no doubt, a very grim month ahead i think, grim indeed. but do they think about it the bastards ooo i am very angry.

on a nicer note, morgan had another glasto dream over the w/e, she reckoned that we had won a competion and that the festival site would be opened a day early just for us three and that 3 daft monkeys, nizlopi and another band that she could remember each did a set for us. not bad choices for a 7 y/o.


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