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A few more.

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The Orchids then, the soundtrack to my teenage years, obviously during my fey, twee, sarah records indie pop days are headlining the indie tracks festival in derbyshire, they reformed a while back and I wept into my cardigan sleeve with joy. It seems that they are playing a festival in Derbyshire called Indie Tracks. Also playing with them is MJ Hibbert, I have a 7" (naturally) by him, and it extols the virtues of lazy office work, works alright if its a proper job. MJ Hibbert is the man, he talks sense. Also playing are Bearsuit, they featured highly in the very last peel session, I dont know them all that well to be honest and the rest of the bill is made up of twee as you like indie bands and the DJ's from retro and indie night how does it feel to be loved amongst others. Looks a certainty that we are going to go, will probably get the tickets tonight, and that aside from one weekend (new harry potter book) is July full. What about september then speccy? I hear you cry.

September then, it looks like tonight that we are also getting End of the road festival tickets, Lisa really fancies it, unsure why, possibly the super furries, possibly as a friend of ours is playing, possibly god knows why, but still, it looks like it is set in beautiful surroundings and a great way to top off the year.

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Would really like to go, but it looks unlikely given the timing. I even live in derbyshire ffs!

Check out Das Wanderlust. I loves 'em!

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