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And the festyness continues.

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This morning we bought tickets for Workhouse festival, thats the third booked and it doesnt look like it is stopping there. As I said earlier, we were so put off festivals, after a fair few years doing them, and just over the past week, its the same excitement we used to have, I mean real excitement, workhouse and blissfields have really got us looking forward to something and there would be more, and I really think there will be more.

Workhouse for a second, that festival looks on paper like it could be our yearly staple, I havent been yet and it may be a let down but so far it looks bloody perfection in a field, well not quite in a field, but certainly perfection. We get done with that and then its down south the next weekend for blissfields. There is a distinct possibility that it will be three weekends in a row and 2000 trees, but still June is looking too quiet, we are on holiday for the first week, havent stopped looking though.

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