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morgans dream

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well my 6 y/o morgan has glasto fever.

last night she told me that she had been dreaming about glastonbury (she comes every year and is a major part of her year, just like most of us) and it went a bit this.

All three of us got tickets and we drove in our campervan. when we got there i got tents out and we went to the entrance gates where if you had a ticket you got 2 wrist bands each ( reckon she has pass outs in mind) when we got into the festival main we found it to be all in rooms (she described it as being like a hotel, she's only been in 2 hotels) so we found out that we wouldn't need the tent so i went back to the c/v and drove them home (we live about an hour from site) we went into another room which she describes as having a funfair in it and a cinema bit showing kids films and there was small/babies kids rides too ( where we enter glasto is the pedestrian gate right near to the kids field) her intereset tailed off a bit then but i asked if there was any music and she just said "off course there was daddy it was glastonbury!"

thats the first time she has describe going to a festy and when she recalled it to me it was much more detailed but i have slept since then.

Beaut days tix have been brought, G next fingers x'd and then hopefully WOMAD for the first time.


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