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Its been a good year, enjoyable, in parts at least, sad in other parts but all told, all good. Due to another bad festival in reflection, we decided no more for next year and similarly, becoming bored at gigs, we arent doing them for 2007, outside of Brand new at birmingham, oh and we have a few get out clauses, the breeders anywhere, the pixies in birmingham or london, the sugarcubes anywhere, or lisa says billy talent anywhere, but thats it, althought darren hayman or ant dont count.

So where was I, this year, music, well some exciting bands, the continued popularity of clap your hands say yeah is great. Live, seeing Cud was great, Tenacious D, frank and walters, the fall, albums wise, camera obscura, the view's album is stupidly good and like being transported to 1992, the arctic monkeys, gene clark, the walkmans covers album, the ditty bops, the evangenitals and simply luke leighfield provided me with album highs.

Personally. I fell in love with my wife again around July, realised that althought I tell her I love her all the time and try to show it, I became besotted with her again and realised that she is the most important thing in my life. The kid started growing up a little more at the back end of this year and started to regret her attitude on holiday.

Work, well I went from loving a job to detesting it and starting a new one, its slow, but it will get better.

So my year in all was agreeable, I had a good year without any heartbreak, I hope 2007 is comparable.

Thanks for keeping me entertained and I hope that 2007 is good for you.

Really, you know the views album could be the best album of 2007, it is superb.

Have a good and safe night tonight.

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