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oh yeah, Friday night!

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Friday saw the second of the Latitude at the Globe band nights that i'm involved with, and i certainly had another banging time, judging by the Budvar induced headache the next day.

First up were It's a Buffalo, who are signed to Akoustic Anarkhy. The were pretty good, but after a little DJ set by myself came the Courteeners.

They had hogged most of the soundcheck, and seemingly brought most of the crowd as there was suddenly a throng at the front. They are led by singer/songwriter Liam Fray and they were excellent.

They over-ran though, which after their soundcheck was something of a discourtacy to the other bands. However, the swagger they had was pure manc, and the frenzy of the crowd was quite unique for a band so shortly into it's career. i think you'll see more of them.

And they weren't even the best band of the night. That was headliners The Loungs, who had 4 part harmonies, optimistic ditties and a headbanging keyboard player. I loved them, and it was such a pity that those who came for the Courteeners didn't hang around and they played to a sparse room.

After that, there was a bit of DJing, but everyone had gone. We need to address how to get them to stay. The crowd was very sparse by way of locals too, so we are going to have to work much harder if we are trying to attract out of towners. Locals seem to be balking at a £5 charge, which we think is reasonable at £1.67 a band.

No doubt these will be discussed when we meet up.

Find out more at the Latitude at the Globe site.

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