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And all free.

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It was quite a good weekend all in all. On Friday, we went to a free punk gig featuring First Among Equals in a local pub, and the atmosphere was quite lively, though nobody was pogoing! Then we had another band on that we hadn't expected, so that was cool. And there was a little more jumping around, because there had been a little more imbibing by then.

There was even a fight behind the scenes, though all we saw of it was the barmaid with the first aid kit. So a pretty good grassroots rock 'n roll night.

Then last night, we had a really good free bonfire display in the castle grounds. I always love it, because the atmosphere's electric. There's a funfair and stalls, and lots of music. It's good fun.

And free's a really good word just now. :ph34r:

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