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f**k me, it's cold brrrrrr

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Um, I've just been blindly typing on another keyboard and wondering why nothings coming out but eventually I found the right keyboard, so at least I've achieved something :ph34r: (stops for quick fag break after all that exercise). My house is at the freezing point of nitrogen (63K in case you're interested) and my fingers have just broken off but I will continue to type with my stubs,why?, because you deserve to be this bored. Have just returned from Bonnie! Scotland, the enigma of the tartan mafia has been Damascian after sitting in a caravan with rain bleaching every window. Anyway, enough of non-pc talk more about ending a relationship.Why is it that you can love someone and still have nothing to say to them? Maybe it's just me , maybe I'm insensitive or maybe I should just go to bed but I still think that a lot of people endure crap times without even questioning it. Mmmm, some people should not be allowed alcohol, will post something more relevant to a blog when I is sober :)

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