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85mph in a camper

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well that was a great week away. totally relaxing, nowt to do but chill and spend quality time with lil g n tor, and not 1 argument.

spent loads of time on the beach, site was right on the edge of it so 2mins and toes were in the sea, lovely. rained 1/2 the week warm the other 1/2 so not bad for October. got wet so much had to go to a$da to buy some more trousers but at £6 a pair no woories there.

the van had its first trip about 350 miles round journey and behaved really well, took it upto 85 mph a couple of times and i reckon it had more there too as it didn't feel like it was killing it and it would happily sit at 70mph all the way inc up and down hills on the A30. made a few people smile seeing the old bus whip past them in their modern cars :ph34r:


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