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ERMMMM!!! what are trackbacks and why do i have 15

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so yeh not check my blog for a while nor ne one elses cus well no one was looking at mine so felt no need to write down my musings but ne way im at college rite now and needed sumin to do so i thought id come on and c whats been happening which is wen i see that my last post i did like ages ago has 15 trackbacks what does that mean lol ne way in other news my medications ok im on 4 a day tho i normally take 3 and just an extra one once in a while cus there strong im doing richard the 3rd 4 my final piece this term so that shud be fun ive got to go see a play about football 2 nite dunno much more then that so it shud be entertaining then after that im goin to rock city 2 dance the night away forest are still top just about which is good tho lady luck is starting to wain and italy won last nite so the world champions still mite make euro 2008 =)

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im doing richard the 3rd 4 my final piece this term

I'm teaching that to 14 year olds at the moment - they don't get it at all :) Good luck! (what are you studying it for, btw?)

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