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Greetings from....er Estonia

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Apologies to any Estonians who,bizarrely, might be reading this (OK so the chances are pretty remote that anyones reading this :D ) Anyway I may have given the impression from my drunken posting that I was in Russia when Im um here. Anyway, leaving Oteppä today to go to Parnu. Went to Tartu yesterday its avery pretty uni town on a river with eighties music blasting out of every cafe, in fact anywhere you go here you can listen to Phil Collins and Simply Red's full repetoire lets soft rock. Just had a back massage, herbal bath and paraffin feet thingy all included in the £35 a night price tag with full board. Mind you my request for vegetarian food was greeted with the suspicion normally reserved for suspected rabies carriers, and then ignored, so Im mainly surviving on boiled potatoes, beetroot and vodka. Of to Parnu( a seaside resort but I aint going swimming in the Baltic at this time of year) for two nights then on to Tallin for a night before going home. Just going to get a few pictures of the lake before we leave which I might post if they come out :D

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