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A life in flux...

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Finally found time to update the blog...! Well since my last missive, what's happened...

We moved me out of the flat and away from the Toryboy's stronghols (Witney). Me Mel and Seb had an epic day with me being inaugurated in the Official Union of White Van Man. Having never driven a transit before we collected a van from Worthing, drove it to Witney and loaded my life into the back, drove back to Worthing and unloaded my life into Mel's house, then took it back to the hire place. Total mileage 250, total time 12 hours, total cash £75. Bargain! Hmmm...Mel's house is full of boxes......ooppss!

We managed to fit stuff into various corners/against walls/under tables/blocked doors/under beds at Mels... Well.....more or less.....just watch out for the boxes by the door as you come in....erm...don't knock against them....they WILL fall on you! And watch out for extra tumble dryer in the kitchen......erm.....anyone want to buy a tumble dryer?!?

Continued chasing solicitors/mortgage people/estate agents/banks/uncle tom cobbley to get the house purchase sorted asap.... Isn't that the kind of the thing Im paying solicitors/mortgage people etc etc to do for me?!?!?!?!

Ended my job and had the last day presentations/night out for curry and lots of beer and was genuinely touched by the things people were saying. Isn't it a shame that you sometimes only find out how valued you were at a a place and how much you'll be missed once you actually leave? Aww bless em.

Started my job in Plymouth. What a place!! I knew a bit about the city but I've been blown away by the places and the contrasts I've found. OK it may have places which are ugly and deprived and frankly a bit dodgy, but its also got amazing buildings and cool neighbourhoods, and some of the new plans and developments are really exciting. The Barbican is touristy but has some really interesting shops and places to explore. And everyone is so friendly! And I think Im going to be persuaded to be a Plymouth Argyle fan too...!!

Im living in digs for the moment - a guesthouse which normally takes foreign students but due to a slack period as a few rooms free. Its a bit like living with your parents! Brekkie at 8, dinner at 6.30 (meat and two veg), and my washing done too! But its also friendly and relaxed and the owners are salt of the earth devon folk. Itll do for a few weeks, but I can't wait to get our house bought and sorted out....

So there you have it - life in flux but all starting to come together. So where should I go in Plymouth folks...I hear the Moody Blues are playing at the Pavilions next week?!?!?!? :D

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Ahhhh well let me know when youfancy going to Argyle for footie. As for places to go - we don't tend to go out at night much there - but Mount Batten is nice ferry across from near the Aquarium. Best night spot for live music as a start point is The Hub also go to the Arts Centre on the Barbican for info on What's happening. Or buy the Evening Herald on a Friday for the weekend events. We'll give you a text next time we are down, but we're busy for a couple of weeks. I'll contact my sister, who lives there and see if she can give any suggestions. A good pub to try is the slipper behind pavillions tho.

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