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Life in boxes!

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Oh gawd its started then... Im in my flat and my life is contained in boxes....apart from the CD shelves which are boxes anyway.. The cooker is cleaned so Im living on ready meals for this week, and I have a list of things to do such as 'book van for friday', 'call all the people who send me bills to say that I won't be here after friday', 'cancel milk', 'go out for lots of farewell drinks with friends this week'. That last one will probably ensure that none of the earlier items get done and that Im late for work every morning. Such is life!

The main stress is being caused by the thought that I will be technically homeless after Friday. Our house in Cornwall is not ours yet - contracts not exchanged etc although things seem to be ok so far *looks for something wooden to grab* Im moving my life down to Stripey Socks house in Worthing, from where both our lives will be shifted west when the time comes. So for the next couple of weeks at least, that will be my spiritual home while I live out of a backpack as if I was a student again! Part of me is looking forward to that, the grown up in me is frantically trying to get the house sorted...

...it'll be done dreckly, apparently....

But its all happening, which makes me feel better. And I know that come October/November we have Spookfest. And December we have St Austell beer fest. And all the upheaval will be worth it.

And I also managed to download Foxy and Tom's Bodyrockers tribute "I like the way you moo", which I heard on a mates phone at Reading and which left me giggling and in tears for about 15 minutes. Get it from here and listen every time you need a lift! :rolleyes::wub:

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Best of luck with the whole moving thing - least you'll be eating better than a student - or have you got loads of Pot Noodles in?


Erm.....no....not at all!!

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