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A lot has happened since the last blog not all of it of interest to yourselves, but the christening in Nottingham went without a hitch (although EVERYONE said i should have gone to prague), as did my cousins wedding in Llanelli and the subsequent camping, although we did get wet.

Got a real shock yesterday though when i was informed that a 17 year old lad from the local radio station who I've met a few times and got to train with the club for a feature pre-season had died in a car accident. Aside from my crass exclaimation of 'you're kidding' when i was told (can't believe i said that, it was simply a reaction of shock but really, no-one would kid about that sort of thing would they) i don't know what to do with regards to cards.

He enjoyed training with the lads and i thought a card signed by them all would be nice, but then i thought that would be like a 'sorry you are leaving' card and instead one should be sent from the club. But then I though that's a bit impersonal. I don't know what to do. I'm reminded that I am always good at dealing with my own grief when the time comes, but when it comes to somebody else's I'm at a loss. In the end, i don't think there is a right answer, so long as i do something

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tbh, he only trained with us once, so one from the lads he trained with rather than the club is what i'm erring towards at the moment, plus one from myself.

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