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prizewinning pie

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We had a competition at work in aid of the healthy eating week we're having. You could submit a healthy recipie (a word I can never spell) and the head chef would make it and there would be a taste-off to decide the winner. I submitted my mexican pie recipie, the judging was today and I won! I'm really happy! I was up against a fruit loaf, a rhubarb and carrot soup (which was really nice) and some chicken thing. My recipie will also be incorporated into the menu at work, and it's going to be served next tuesday. The chef also told me that my recepie was the most fun to cook, and had the best understanding of ingredients. I'm so proud of my cooking achievement :P

I was at leeds festival at the weekend. Lots od stuff happened. T'was a very hyperactive festival indeed. I'll do a proper write up of the fest at a later date if I can be arsed, but I'm sure you can probably imagine the shennanigans that went on.

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