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Goodbye mr Lanzoni, hello mr Nitefly

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This may be a long blog entry, there is a lot on my mind, and none of it's of a depressing style.

Lets start with Leeds, it was cool this year, but overcrowded for sure. I'd like to thank all the efesters who made the weekend really fun. The bands I saw were all pretty cool, none really disappointed so thats good. Didn't get all that drunk this year, due to my being with Sophie really, don't know why, it just seemed to work out that way. Dunno if i'll be there next year, going for glasto and leeds needs an improvement for me to return for a 5th consecutive year. I think I may have actually slept better at leeds than I usually do at home. Leeds was a bit of a test for Sophie and I, as it was the longest time we'd spent together, and let's just say we passed it with flying colours, but now we're missing each other like crazy, I can't wait til we live together, pity thats like a year away, but it will be worth the wait.

OK, I've just discovered you can't tab for the indents when you start new paragraphs on this.

Since returning from Leeds I've grown possibly fonder of my guitar, and have spent the majority of today working on a song, It's sounding good so far, but I've only really done the lead guitar part of it.

I think that's about all I have to say, nobody broke into my house while I was away, which was nice.

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