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Reading was awesome saw loads of bands and have loads of write ups to do, stayed up til late watchin the cabaret, really knackered now but had the best Reading for ages. We were gonna knock it on the head, but with it being so good, not sure we can! Turns out GreenMan doesn't clash with it. But i do wanna do Sunrise if it's on. Have to wait and see.

Here's my score card for the weekend:


Mr Fogg -7 pretty nice

Duels - 6 alright

Fields - 8 like it crazy Icelenadic influence

Send More Paramedics - 8 Zombie Rock

Panic! At The Disco - 7 Karma Police and bravery in adversity clinched it

Guillemots - 6 better than usual

Gogol Bordello - 10 blinding!

Peaches - 6 fun but it grated after a while

Fall Out Boy - 4 run away big mistake!

The Sunshine Underground - 8 gonna be big!

Mystery Jets - yawn 5

Bouncing Souls - sounded better than the band above 7

Secret Machines - super! 8

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 9 would be 10 if the sound was better

The Vines - 8 smashin' literally!

Bodycount -10 "f**k Tha Police, mother hubbard!"

Twilight Singers - 8 shame about the weather

Tim Tin Yen - 7 laugh out loud feel good funnyman

Bedouin Soundcalsh - 9 lovin it!

Cabaret 10 - goth soundtrack for necrophilia and blood lust with tits my kinda show!


Flogging Molly 9 - jiggy jiggy jiggy!

Wolfmother 7 proficient metal

Milburn - 8 Arctic Monkeys 2

Be Your Own Pet - rubs knees! 7

Futureheads - thought they'd be rubbish but 7

Automatic - 6 for band (10 for crowd)

Alexisonfire - wow! 9

Flogging Molly - yeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh 10!!!

The Fratellis - groovy party 9

Raconteurs - music lesson in class 10


Mastadon - noize! 5

Metric - lovely gonna be huge 8

Tapes'n'Tapes - Dissappointing 5

Humanzi - old skool! 7

Forward Russia - why? 5

Dresden Dolls - awesome! Drumming and War Pigs! 8

Less Than Jake - Yeah! 8

Lady Sovereign - impressivevbacking band better than i epxected 7

Hope of The States - it's all over now! 8

Goldie Lookin' Chain - still works 7

Broken Social Scene - wow! 8

The Klaxons - who? 10

Placebo - band 4 tits 6

LarrikenLove - 7

Hot Chip - groovy 9

Pearl Jam - mighty 10! Awesome!

Saw 46 acts plus bits of others! an impressive tally i reckon. eFesters count was pretty good too. Met pogal, timmah, shrew, granty, paul tm and the twag. Not too bad seeing as i missed the meet. Plus i met Ffi from Endorse-It's brother and Potts (lest i think it was him) from Pronghorn - who knew far too much about me! :D . The eFesters lighters all went in 20 minutes!

Had a fame moment when i met Robbie and Tubes from Soccer AM, told them they were the most famous people i knew as far as i was concerned, oh how we laughed! saw the Premiership trophy up close too - Man U have won it a lot! And took a piccy of it- it's bigger than i thought it was. it was there because Reading had made the Premiership.

All the fish were quite happy with us being away but demolished the orchids! Cheeky gits can't they eat the cheap plants?

Z is making her directorial debut this week making a film at the Arts Centre and I'm having to source models and a location for the Halloween issue of the magazine as well as write up my Reading notes. Soon as festivals finish my work load goes up, typical.

Ah well it's already tuesday and last festival of the year is on Saturday, least i can have a blow out at Imperial this friday. Before we start to scrimp and save for next year! :P

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Hurrah!! Another person who went to see Bodycount :) If their Reading set was even half as good as they were at Leeds they are well deserved of the top score - bloody brilliant weren't they :) :)

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