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lazy sod

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I'm so lazy. I'm still in bed. I plan to stay in bed until about 30 min before Craig gets home from work and then get up and pretend I've been busy all day :P . I'm officially stockpiling on my sleep in advance of leeds festival, which is going well with a full 12 hours last night :D

The only thing I might do today is drive to Momoniats, which is an international supermarket, to buy some cheatin vegan ham for my sandwiches for leeds festival. But I'm feeling so lazy I might not even do that.

Oh, I applied for a promotion at work and found out yesterday that I didn't get it. I'm not too upset tho because:

1. The guy who got it has been doing the job the longest and therefore probably deserves to get the promotion

2. I really love my current job

3. I'd have to move desks away from where all the funky people in my department sit and downgrade my office social status accordingly.

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