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The Parable of a Mossy Appendage

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Today’s blog entry is inspired by some of the comments in here.

The parable of the stupid traveller

And so it came to pass that the great and bountiful kingdom of the e-festivals forum saw many great debates and discussions as to the state of the world and it was good, for the discussions enriched and educated the minds of many; for the underlying beliefs of those in the kingdom were of peace and love, of understanding and acceptance. And into this kingdom came a great number of travellers who would stay and discuss matters of both trivia and importance, and they would be welcome, for the enlightened folk of the kingdom recognised that the greater good is served by all manner of opinion and train of thought.

And so the kingdom became renown, and that travellers would often take up home in the kingdom, and the kingdom grew and prospered for that. Yet on one particular day, one such traveller arrived; this traveller, as happened on occasion, was of a mind that enraged the general population. And although other such travellers of this nature were as bigoted and as shallow-minded, such was the spineless nature of this particular traveller that the annals for years after would record the name as being the most senseless and depraved thinker to come to the kingdom; for the racist bigotry of this traveller knew no bounds, for so full of hate was this traveller that the judgement which he applied to situations was perverted and unsound. And whilst the fine people of the kingdom engaged the traveller as to find out the reasoning behind the insipid and widely inaccurate beliefs, for that was their nature and for the main they wished to spread the peace and love and the understanding and acceptance that they had nurtured, they were unable to reckon as to this travellers motivation; for it was felt that the traveller was not of a mind to enrage the population on purpose. It was felt the traveller did actually hold these views and wished to spread the contrary of peace and love and understanding and acceptance, for his words would encourage war and hatred and division and exclusion.

And yet the discussions they had with the traveller did not allow the fine people the understanding they sought as to the motivation behind his nonsensical, narrow-minded and hateful mind; and they could only speculate to the series of events that resulted in this pathetic, poorly educated and irrational opinions, and it drew great consternation from the people. There were those who pointed to some horrid childhood experience, possibly involving a dog on heat. Others gave credence to the travellers inability to sustain any kind of relationship with a mate, and his vitriol was designed to cover the traveller's own inadequacies, possibly as result of castration. Others considered it as a result of imbibing too much alcohol and narcotics and yet others reckoned it to be a genetic defect, given his parentage line of in-bred, mutated destitute wretches.

And whilst it was the mantra of many to try and create peace and love and understanding within those around them, regardless of colour or kin, the population were wearily resigned to failure; and as such they felt there was no option but to pour upon him the worst of all e-festival punishments - ritually humiliation in the sifi blog.


And because my own anger has inspired me even further ...

Funny looking' individuals forcibly removed from aircraft

(Reuters, 21 August 2006) Two middle aged gentleman were removed from an aircraft today by airport authorities after passengers on the plane claimed they had being acting suspiciously. The charter flight, scheduled to leave London Gatwick at 13:24 was delayed prior to departure after passengers identified the two to aircraft stewards who arranged for the removal of the men and their luggage. The two men had initially aroused suspicions in the departure lounge, where they were accused of jumping the queue to board the aircraft. Said one passenger "My wife and I picked them out as we waited at the gate. They were both wearing beards and appeared to be in some kind of ritualistic uniform". Once on the aircraft, the two were seen talking furtively to some of the aircraft stewards. Another passenger who refused to be named on the chance that "He might get it from the towel heads" said "One of them appeared to be carrying a bottle of a clear liquid of some description - although it was in an Evian water bottle, we knew that it probably wasn't water". The two men were physically restrained by a number of the passengers. "They were both wearing weird little hats too," The anonymous passenger continues "And they were both purposefully striding to the cockpit of the plane, so I and my three mates jumped on them before they could get to the door. There was a bit of kafuffle, and there was a bit of claret spilled, but we managed to make sure they couldn't get to the cockpit. I'd hate to have thought if they had managed to get in there. We might have been the next st. astic". Upon asking who was St. Astic, we were told he was the patron saint of dead aircraft passengers.

At going to press, the flight operator were unable to comment on who the two might of been. "We can't find these two people on the passenger manifesto, they don't appear to have tickets, we can't think how they got through security. We don't know anything about them". Upon being asked if the plane had made it to it's destination, the tour operator responded "No, not really. We've been unable to locate the pilot and the chief officer ; until that happens the flight will be permanently kept on the tarmac, although of course we've told the passengers that there will be a slight delay".

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And lo did the master of the good place return unto his people, and yea he did smite the unworthy ones with furious anger and terrible bannination and the people saw that it was good. :lol:

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