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Probably the worst format in the world

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The partition HDD wasn't big enough for all my music so some had to be sacrificed (good bye Goldfinger, Descendants, Lost Prophets, Bright Eyes, Jack Johnson, Muse, Captain Beefheart and Screaming Trees) and now it's just generally been a bastard booting. The first Windows CD was f**ked and didn't install properly. The second one did but that was just the start. Now, at 7pm I am resizing the new partition so it is essentially one big HDD again. I started this about 6 hours ago. I turned down a cover shift to sort this out. This puts my money for leeds in the distinctly 'fooked' area, though I will collar my AWOL father about some cash and see if he can help me out. I have 30 quid in my wallet, and am guaranteed 55 quid as standard on saturday.

Also need to air my tent out. My bid to get fit is dead on it's arse and will continue to be until I've had my operation and can actually do things like play regular sport (which is far more fun than just boring exercise). It may also f**k up my job B)

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